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Feeling Level and Micro Chain Guide

Feeling Level and Micro Chain Guide
Space Leaper: Cocoon Guide


Space Leaper: Cocoon features a pleasant pixel-art universe with an interesting, furry cast of characters. With a torn universe, it’s up to you to weave the cosmos back! The game has a lot of features that you won’t encounter frequently these two features, Micro Chain and Feeling Level are some of them. In our Feeling Level and Micro Chain guide, we will discuss what you need to know about these features.

Feeling Level

This feature is very similar to “Affection Level” or “Intimacy Level” found in other games. This represents the character’s closeness towards you, the player. In SLC, the only way to increase this gauge is by giving gifts to a specific character. Unfortunately, the Feeling Level gauge won’t increase passively by just interacting or using the character often. This means that increasing a character’s Feeling Level will take a while and will require you to pretty much focus on one character at a time.

To view a character’s Feeling Level, you must access the Leaper Files option from the main menu (character list), then select the character. Next, tap the “Training” button in the lower-right corner of the screen to view the character’s stats. The Feeling Level gauge is located in the top-left corner of this screen.
Feeling Level and Micro Chain Guide

To give gifts to a character, tap the little gift box icon on the right side of the screen. From there, you can toggle the number of gifts you want to give, based on what gifts you have in your inventory. There’s a 99,999 gift send limit daily but it’s quite impossible to hit this limit anyway unless you have an excessive amount of gifts to give to the character.

Micro Chain

As you increase a character’s Feeling Level, you’ll be able to unlock their connection to other characters as well. This is called Micro Chain and each character has specific characters that they’re linked into. To see this option, you must access the Leaper Files option from the main menu (character list), then select the character. Tap the “Improve” button in the lower-right corner of the screen and you should see the Micro Chain icon just above the Information section of the character screen. Tap the Micro Chain button to see the other characters the selected Leaper is connected to. Activating the connections will provide permanent buffs to the selected Leaper through the “strength of their connections”.
Feeling Level and Micro Chain Guide

Take note that Micro Chains are not vice versa; some characters have connection to another but not the other way around. The number of available connections will also depend on the character. It’s also possible for several characters to have connections to the same character. For example, Queena and Kate both have connections with Guru at Feeling LV3 and LV4 respectively. However, Guru only has a connection with Kate (at Feeling LV3) but not with Queena. The good thing about this however is that if you improve a connected character, the other characters sharing connections with her can activate their individual buffs as well.
Feeling Level and Micro Chain Guide

The selected Leaper’s Feeling Level will determine which connected character will be activated first. I’m still not certain whether you’re required to have the connected character in your roster but I’m inclined to say that meeting the Feeling Level requirement should be enough to activate the connection. However, each connected character has additional buff levels that can only be achieved by leveling them up, increasing their grade, or stars so having those characters in your roster will be beneficial to the selected Leaper. Once you have met the requirements for a buff level, you still need to go back to the Micro Chain window (see steps above), select the connected character, and tap the “Active” button beside the buff to activate it permanently. These buffs STACK so activating all buff levels on the connected character will provide significant stat boosts to your selected Leaper.

To make it easier to understand, we’ll use the example below. My Peru is currently at Feeling Level 1, which activated her connection with Idalia. I also happen to have Indalia at LV1 (default level) so that connection provided my Peru with +1020 HP and +24 DEF boost. Now, once I increase Idalia’s Star (via Breakthrough) to two stars, the third buff will be activated (+2040 HP, +48 DEF). Since the activated buffs STACK, my Peru now has +3060 HP and +72 DEF from Idalia alone.
Feeling Level and Micro Chain Guide

Feeling Level and Micro Chains are closely related so knowing how to activate them will help you in the long run. So focus on improving the Feeling Level and connections of your favorite characters first. Keep pulling for more Leapers!
That concludes our Micro Chain Guide in Space Leaper: Cocoon. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Space Leaper: Cocoon content!

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