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Summoning Guide

Summoning Guide
Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG Guide

In Mythic Heroes, players must summon mythical heroes, gods, goddesses, and deities from different cultures to combat the dark forces looming over the horizon. Summoning these heroes is a staple feature of the game in order to increase your ranks. In our summoning guide, we will discuss how the game’s summoning system works.

Summoning Basics

Summoning can be done in the Summoner Sanctum in the Kingdom screen. This feature is unlocked early on, after completing a series of tutorial battles. The summoning screen has three categories or banners, which we will discuss in detail below. The Limited and Faction banners are rotated in a set schedule. After the banner’s duration has ended, a new group of heroes will be available for summoning. The standard banner allows players to summon all released heroes

Diamond is the premium currency used for summoning. However, other consumables like Summon Scrolls can be used instead to summon. You can do a single summon or a batch of 10. These currency can be earned by purchasing them directly from the marketplace, event rewards, login rewards, journal rewards, etc.

Drop Rate

The drop rate for each banner is consistent, as listed below:
Drop Rate

Standard Summon

This banner has no time limit and will give you a chance to summon all available heroes (I’m not sure if recently concluded limited URs are included). One summon attempt costs 300 diamonds or a Standard Summon Scroll. The x10 Diamond Summon is discounted so you only need to pay 2700 diamonds for a 10-pull.
Summoning Guide

Faction Summon

This banner allows players to summon heroes belonging to the featured faction. It also follows a fixed rotation in this order: Luminarch > Shadowarch > Guardian > Verdian. Players can also spend 100 diamonds to forcibly switch the faction of their choice. Doing this however, will not affect the rotation schedule. To summon in this banner, you can only use Faction Summon Scrolls, which can be purchased from the marketplace, obtained as rewards, or obtained from events.
Summoning Guide

Limited Summon

In this banner, the featured UR and two SSR heroes will have an increased probability of being drawn. You can even select one of the two SSR heroes that will be featured and will have a higher probability of being drawn. You even have free chances of selecting another hero just in case you’ve changed your mind. The chances of getting the featured SSR (among all the other potential SSRs in the pool) is 50%.

The more you summon in this banner, the probability of getting the featured UR hero will increase as well. You’re guaranteed to get the featured UR hero in 200 summons.
Summoning Guide

Hero Shards

Aside from summoning using scrolls or diamonds, you can also obtain new heroes by collecting 60 Hero Shards. These shards can be obtained through a variety of means like daily quest rewards, events, or even purchased from the marketplace. Usually, you can buy 60 shards of the hero of your choice directly from the Pantheon and Arena shops. Just combine these shards from your bag to obtain the hero. If you already have a copy of that hero, the shards will be automatically converted to Hero Tokens instead. (See below)
Summoning Guide

Duplicate Copies

When you obtain copies of the heroes you already have in your roster, they’ll be converted automatically to other usable items. R Heroes will be discharged and converted into Tribute Badges. These Badges can be traded for various items in the Tribute Shop including SSR Hero Shards.

SR/SSR/UR duplicates turn into Hero Tokens. SR Hero tokens can be used as fodder for Enhancing Heroes while SSR and UR tokens can be used for Ascending heroes, permanently increasing their stats and level cap. SSR Hero Tokens can’t be used for enhancement so there’s no danger of accidentally using them.
Summoning Guide

Hero Select

For every summon you make (regardless of banner), you’ll obtain one Summon Point. You can get bonus rewards for every 25th, 50th, and 75th total points acquired. Once you’ve reached 100 points, you can choose a SSR hero from 3 pre-selected heroes or a random hero. After choosing the hero, the gauge will reset and you’ll be able to collect the rewards again once you’ve reached the required thresholds.

That concludes our Mythic Heroes’ Summoning Guide. For more Mythic Heroes content, please check our other pages in this online guide for the game.

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