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Faction Guide

Faction Guide
Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG Guide

In Mythic Heroes, players must summon mythical heroes, gods, goddesses, and deities from different cultures to combat the dark forces looming over the horizon. The game has a good roster of different heroes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Class aside, heroes also belong to Factions. In our Faction Guide, we will discuss the different factions in the game and how they affect combat.

Mythic Heroes has four Factions: Luminarch, Shadowarch, Guardian, and Verdian. The basic story about these factions are explained briefly in the game’s lore. The faction where a hero belongs to doesn’t directly affect a hero’s stats and combat performance, except when Tactical Advantage is taken into consideration.

Tactical Advantage

Tactical Advantage enables a hero to deal 25% more damage when attacking an opposing hero under a tactically-vulnerable faction than them. Please refer to the diagram below. Using the diagram below as reference, a Luminarch hero for example, will deal bonus damage against a Shadowarch hero. Additionally, if a Verdian hero attacks a Luminarch, the Luminarch will suffer 25% more damage.
The Tactical Advantage Diagram
The Tactical Advantage Diagram

Each hero belongs to a faction with the exception of UR heroes. These powerful heroes belong to 2 factions. The Tactical Advantage damage bonus applies accordingly and the damage dealt can be stacked. Let’s use the new UR hero, Amaterasu as an example. She’s under the Luminarch x Guardian factions so she can deal bonus damage against Shadowarch and Verdian heroes. On the other hand, she’ll suffer additional damage as well against those two factions, due to how the Tactical Advantage chart is arranged.
URs have two factions
URs have two factions

Finally, Tactical Advantage doesn’t apply against bosses. However, there might be certain bosses where a certain faction gains damage bonuses or receives no damage debuff so watch out for those conditions as well.
Certain bosses have faction-specific debuffs, buffs, or exceptions
Certain bosses have faction-specific debuffs, buffs, or exceptions

Factional Aura

This feature is visible in the battle preparation screen, represented by colored shards in a circle, as shown below. The Majority Vigor bonus is activated if you have 2 or more heroes of the same faction. If there’s a second group of heroes in the same faction in the same party, the Minority Vigor will be activated as well.
Faction Guide

Since UR heroes have two factions, each of their faction assignments will still count towards the aura bonus. In this example, we have the following heroes in the same party with 3 URs:
* Lucifer (Luminarch + Shadowarch)
* Iset (Luminarch + Verdian)
* Amaterasu (Luminarch + Guardian)
* Athena (Luminarch)
* Izanami (Shadowarch)

That’s why if you check the Factional Aura bonus, the team above activated the x4 Majority Vigor (+12% ATK and DEF) and x2 Minority Vigor (+8% Final Damage) These bonuses are stackable as well so consider activating this important passive bonus when building your team.

That concludes our Mythic Heroes’ Faction Guide. For more Mythic Heroes content, please check our other pages in this online guide for the game.

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