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Mythic Heroes Review: For the love of gods, goddesses, and deities

Mythic Heroes Review: For the love of gods, goddesses, and deities

Mythic Heroes is an idle RPG by IGG.COM for Android and iOS where players collect and form an army of mythical heroes, gods, goddesses, and deities from different cultures to save the world from the looming dark forces. Summoning these heroes and deities is just the beginning; players have to strengthen them further through ascension, leveling up, giving them powerful gear, etc.

The game is free to play with optional in-game purchases and there’s no content locked behind a paywall. Players can enjoy what the game has to offer without spending a dime though expect players who spend to have considerable advantage in terms of the amount and the quality of the rewards they’ll get. This will matter primarily in PvP since paying players will have more resources to spend to summon high-tier heroes and strengthen them. However, if you’re just the type of player who wants to enjoy and clear the game’s content, you’ll surely feel at home in Mythic Heroes.

Some free-to-play titles have annoying ads or incentives for viewing ads. Thankfully, Mythic Heroes doesn’t have those but you'll get occasional prompts or reminders about their optional packs or discounted items for sale. These are minor inconveniences that you can easily overlook without affecting the game’s overall quality.

Mythic Heroes follows the standard formula of other successful gacha/ hero collector games. You’ll summon heroes and form an elite party, composed of five heroes of your choice. These heroes can be further empowered through power up, ascension, divinity, enhancement, and equipment. The game’s mechanics revolve around increasing your heroes’ combat power and in turn, your team’s overall combat power.

The game has a gacha system for summoning new characters so the ones you’ll get will be random. Thankfully, the game is quite generous for new players, even giving players free pulls and 5-star characters. When I started the game, they gave away Lucifer (UR) by logging in daily for seven days. The premium currency used for summoning are Diamonds. For new players, there’s a Rookie Handbook, a collection of quests that will give players a total of 30,000 Diamonds (equivalent to 100 summon attempts) by completing all tasks listed in the handbook. Additionally, there are more diamonds and summon scrolls that can be obtained by simply completing daily and weekly quests, which are repeatable.

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If you have played other idle RPGs before, you’ll encounter familiar features such as auto-combat and idle rewards. The game will revolve around these aspects: gathering materials, completing daily quests, summoning more heroes, strengthening those heroes, and clearing different game content. You’ll need a core team of 5 heroes, each with their own class and roles. Having a good team composition is essential in winning battles so keep that in mind as well.

Combat is also automated. You don’t need to issue commands or trigger skills or abilities as the game will do that for you. You can also increase the battle speed to breeze through the combat without any input for you. Finally, the game also has an Auto-Assault feature which will enable your party to keep fighting through stages until they’re defeated or until you close the game.

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As mentioned above, heroes can be leveled up, enhanced, or ascended to permanently increase their stats. Leveling up heroes will consume Gold and Experience. Once a hero reaches its level cap, Star Dust will be required to further increase the character’s level. Ascension increases the max level the hero can reach. This is only possible by acquiring another copy of a hero you already own. Finally, if you collect copies of SR heroes, you’ll get their tokens instead. These tokens can be used to Enhance your heroes (preferably SSRs and URs) to further increase their stats.

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Heroes can also wear Equipment - 1 Artifact and 3 Runes. Equipping 3 runes of the same type will activate a bonus effect as well. These are quite important since not only they provide stat boosts, they’ll also enable beneficial buffs and effects to your heroes like extra damage, skill cooldown reduction, increased healing effectiveness, etc. If you’re not sure what equipment to give to your heroes, you can just tap the small flame icon in the upper-left corner of the Equipment screen to see the most popular/ favorite pieces by other players so you can use that to get you started.

It’s important to mention that the game is not meant to be played for several hours at a time since you’ll run out of things to do quickly. As such, it’s better to spread your game time over the entire day. Logging in at least twice a day is enough to maximize your idle rewards and completing the daily tasks. The game’s grind isn’t tedious. Thanks to the idle rewards, you can still earn resources even when not playing so you can just take it easy.

The game’s overall art style is attractive. I really like the character designs. The main heroes are very polished, especially the popular ones with the alternate costumes (skins). The UI is tidy and not cluttered, making navigation quick and convenient. It’s also very responsive and has an intuitive design. The combat effects are pleasing to the eye but not that extravagant. The characters are voiced and the overall audio quality is pretty decent but nothing to write home about.

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You’re not going to be pulled or forced to grind for resources hours at a time. While that can be true when you’re just starting the game, as your party gets stronger, the less time you’ll spend on the game since you’ll just breeze through most of the content and daily tasks.

To sum it up, Mythic Heroes might seem to be another idle RPG/ gacha game on the surface but it does play out the genre’s main strength: simplicity. If you’ve been playing different gacha games, it’s going to be hard to find some enjoyment since the game doesn’t really bring anything on the table especially when the game’s premise regarding mythical heroes, gods, and deities is already tackled in other games. However, if you want to enjoy an idle RPG with attractive character designs and straightforward gameplay, Mythic Heroes might be worth trying.

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4.6 / 5.0
Review by vhayste | Mar 27th 2022

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