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Artifact and Rune Guide

Artifact and Rune Guide
Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG Guide

In Mythic Heroes, players must summon mythical heroes, gods, goddesses, and deities from different cultures to combat the dark forces looming over the horizon. Heroes innate abilities aside, you can further strengthen them by providing them with Artifacts and Runes, which serves as your heroes’ equipment. In this Artifact and Rune guide, we will discuss how these pieces can improve your heroes’ combat effectiveness.

Artifacts and Runes are an integral part of a hero’s arsenal, and can even make the difference between a reliable unit and a disappointing one. Thankfully, Mythic Heroes’ approach to this mechanic is streamlined and easy to understand. To access the Hero’s equipment, go to the Heroes menu, tap the hero you want, then tap the Equipment button in the lower-right - which will bring up the screen below. From there, you can equip Artifacts and Runes to your hero.
Artifact and Rune Guide


There are 8 types of artifacts in the game, each with their own effect and stat bonuses. For LV1-4 artifacts, you can only acquire them from other means like rewards or purchasing from the marketplace. To get LV5 or above artifacts, you’ll have to craft them. This feature becomes available once you unlock the Alchemy Workshop.
Artifact and Rune Guide

Stats (LV5)
Effects (LV5)
Axe of Pangu
HP+ 7680, ATK+ 2240, DEF+ 480
For every auto-attack, there is a 25% chance to deal an extra 90% damage to the target. (This damage is treated as True Damage*)
Staff of Sharur
HP+ 10240, ATK+ 2080, DEF+ 480
Deals an extra 42% damage to an enemy with less than 50% Health. Deals extra 21% damage to bosses, regardless of their HP percentage.
Sudarshana Chakra
HP+ 10240, ATK + 1920, DEF+ 640
Ultimate deals an extra 30% damage
Yasakani Magatama
HP+ 12800, ATK+ 1760, DEF+ 640
After this hero uses an active skill, there is a 42% chance to halve the Cooldown of the same skill next time
HP+ 15360, ATK+ 1440, DEF+ 800
While the wearer is alive, increase the Attack and Defense of all allies by 6% (effect is not stackable)
Thor's Hammer
HP+ 17920, ATK+ 1280, DEF+ 800
While wearer is being attacked, there is an 15% chance the opponent's hit will reduce their Attack Speed by 56% for 1.5s
Scarab Badge
Health + 17920, Attack + 1120, Defense + 960
Wearer recovers 30% of max Health after it drops below 30% for the first time
Aegis Shield
HP+ 20480, ATK+ 960, DEF+ 960
Blocks damage for 19% of the time

* True Damage = Direct HP removal


There are also 8 types of elemental runes in the game, with each piece providing a stat boost. The value of stats the runes provide will depend on their level/rarity. They can be slotted into three slots: alpha, beta, and gamma. These slots are not interchangeable.
Artifact and Rune Guide

Equipping 3 runes of the same element will activate Elemental Resonance (or Set Bonus). These are very helpful bonus effects that make equipping a rune set very worthwhile. The equipped runes’ level (color) doesn’t matter; as long as the runes are of the same element, this resonance effect will still activate.
Artifact and Rune Guide

Like artifacts, LV4 or above runes can be crafted to get a higher level rune. However, you can only craft runes that can occupy the same slot. For example, you can only combine three LV4 gamma runes. If you only have 1 alpha and 2 gamma runes, you can’t combine them via Crafting.

Effects (LV5)
E. Resonance (LV5)
Reduces Damage taken by 3.9%
For the first 10s of battle, increase Defense by 50%
Increases shield and healing abilities by 7.5%
When a shield or healing spell is cast, also increase target's Dodge by 30% for 3s
Increases Damage dealt by 3.9%
For the first 20s of battle, increase Crit Chance by 15%
Reduces skill Cooldown by 9%
After using a Hero skill, increase damage dealt by next auto-attack by 70%
While attacking, ignore 7.2% of target's Defense
While attacking, there's a 20% chance of increasing damage dealt to 135%
Increases resistance to control abilities by 10.5%
At the beginning of the battle, restore 150 Energy
Recovers 0.3% of max Health every second
When Health is below 50%, all Health restoration effects increase by 35%
Restores 3 Energy every second
Increases Attack by 8% after releasing an ultimate. This effect lasts the entire battle and can stack 3 times.

Recommended Sets

You’ll need to pick artifacts and runes that will play around several factors of your heroes like their skill sets, strengths, weaknesses, etc. Thankfully, you don’t need to go in blind. You can tap the Heat (flame) icon in the top-left corner of the Equipment screen. In the pop-up window, you’ll be able to see the top 3 runes and artifacts used by players in the game for that hero. Even if you’re not keen on following these recommendations diligently, you can at least use this feature as a starting point to pick the artifacts and runes that will bring out the hero’s full potential in combat.

In the same screen, you can also check the top heroes paired or usually included in the same party as the selected hero, as well as their recommended Divinity abilities.
Artifact and Rune Guide

That concludes our Mythic Heroes’ Artifact and Rune Guide. For more Mythic Heroes content, please check our other pages in this online guide for the game.

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