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Fable Agora Guide

Fable Agora Guide
Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG Guide

In Mythic Heroes, players must summon mythical heroes, gods, goddesses, and deities from different cultures to combat the dark forces looming over the horizon. Resources and passive bonuses go hand-in-hand to ensure that your party is well-equipped and your heroes are always ready to tackle the challenges ahead. Fable Agora is one such method of earning resources passively after enough time has elapsed. In this guide, we will discuss this feature and how you can use this to collect more resources.

Fable Agora is unlocked by clearing campaign stage 4-20. This feature is very similar to the explore or expedition system used by other games where you can assign characters or units on time-based missions. After the mission timer is over, you can collect the rewards from the completed mission. There are no failures in Fable Agora missions so there’s no time wasted by using this feature. Fable Agora quests are reset daily as part of the game’s scheduled daily reset. You can also manually reset the quests using diamonds.
Fable Agora Guide

When dispatching characters to a quest, you’ll need to meet the factional and ascension requirements. If all requirements are met, you’ll be able to collect a bonus reward. Thankfully, you can use the Auto-Fill button to automatically select the heroes that fit the requirements - including the bonus ones. Once a team has been dispatched, you can’t recall them anymore. Thankfully, dispatched characters can still be used in combat so don’t worry about running out of reliable characters to clear other content.
Fable Agora Guide

There are three types of Fable Agora quests: Folk Tales, Heroic Deeds, and Legends of Gods. Folk tales are the standard quests that will award meager rewards and can be completed in just a few hours. A Heroic Deed quest will become unlocked as you complete Folk Tales, and finally a Legend of Gods quest will become available after completing a certain number of Heroic Deed quests.

For each completed Folk Tale, you’ll earn a Moon Coin. Meeting the bonus requirements of a Folk Tale will award you with 1 bonus Moon Coin. Collect 50 Moon Coins and a Heroic Deed quest will become available. Once a Heroic Deed quest is unlocked, the Moon Coin counter will reset.

Heroic Deed quests are moderately difficult quests that will usually take around 24 hours but will give you generous rewards. Each Heroic Deed quest completion will give you 1 Sun Coin. Collect 6 Sun Coins to unlock a Legend of Gods quest. After unlocking that quest, the Sun Coin counter will reset and you’ll have to earn them again to unlock another Legend of Gods quest. This is the most challenging Fable Agora quest but will provide the most bountiful rewards upon completion.

That concludes our Mythic Heroes’ Fable Agora Guide. For more Mythic Heroes content, please check our other pages in this online guide for the game.

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