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Class and Team Composition Guide

Class and Team Composition Guide
Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG Guide

In Mythic Heroes, players must summon mythical heroes, gods, goddesses, and deities from different cultures to combat the dark forces looming over the horizon. The game has a good roster of different heroes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. In our Class Guide, we will discuss the different hero classes / types in the game.


Heroes are grouped into four types or classes which determine their role in the team. Each class has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. The best way to conquer strong opponenets is by having a party composed of different classes that cover each of the members’ weaknesses and maximize their damage.

Fighters are DPS units that deal physical damage. This is pre-dominantly composed of melee heroes that take on the frontlines while there are some ranged fighters who can deal physical damage from the backline. Fighters are sturdy and can take a considerable amount of damage while also capable of dishing out high damage.

This class deals ranged magical damage from the backline. Like Fighters, Mages can be a consistent source of damage especially if they’re well-protected. While capable of unleashing powerful spells, they are considered to be glass cannons since they can be easily sniped or killed due to their low defense and HP or lack of defensive/healing skills to keep them afloat.

Tanks are your reliable frontline defenders that boast incredible defense and HP in exchange for having average damage output. Tank heroes are automatically assigned to the frontline where they’ll shine in taking the brunt of the enemy attacks. Even with high survivability, tank heroes still need to rely on their healers to keep them alive on the field and for them to do their job properly.

Support heroes primarily have the capability to heal allies and apply various buffs to them. They’re the lifeline of every party. A high-tier or well-invested support hero can significantly increase the survivability of the entire party.

Hybrid Roles

Classes/Hero Types are permanent attributes to heroes. However, a hero’s skill set can also help determine his/her overall role in the battlefield. This is why we have certain heroes with skills that seem to belong to classes other than their own. Here are some examples:
* Joan of Arc is a Support hero but she’s best placed in the frontline as a tank because she has self-healing while also providing shields and buffs to allies.
* Izanami is a Mage hero but she’s somewhat a mage/tank/support hybrid thanks to her skills that provide damage reduction, lifesteal, and heal.
* Typhon is classified as a Tank but he only has one shield skill; other skills are mostly for offensive purposes.
Class and Team Composition Guide

Team Composition and Formation

You can deploy up to five different heroes per team. As far as team composition goes, a team should have at least one Support/ dedicated healer, especially if you’re clearing various stages or game content. You can always add another support that can provide buffs and backup heals, get another tank if you want extra protection, or add another mage or fighter if you feel like you’re having a DPS deficit.

There are two team formations to choose from: 2F/3B (two front, 3 back) or 3F/2B (three front, 2 back) The formation you’ll need to choose will depend on the deployed heroes’ class. Mages and support units are usually placed in the backline while tanks and fighters are in the frontline. The only exception for this are certain heroes with semi-hybrid roles like Joan of Arc or Izanami. These support and mage heroes respectively should be in the backline but since their skill sets provide them with more survivability, they can take the frontline slot in case you need them.
Class and Team Composition Guide

That concludes our Mythic Heroes’ Hero Class Guide. For more Mythic Heroes content, please check our other pages in this online guide for the game.

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