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Review by GuestSep 5th 2023

It took awhile but I did get totally into it. It's very intricate/detailed..... It's confusing & sometimes feeling slow or lost. But as you start figuring things out & building up your empire, start connecting with other players, especially the allies you make, you end up getting sucked in. Graphics are great, game play is alright but the experience is greater than the sum of the individual parts. It's also my 1st time playing this type of game(RPG). Normally I play 1st & 3rd person shooters. I also try not to buy DLCs, I rather earn my rewards & what not. This game requires some purchases to keep up, but it's not that bad compared to most games. I recommend it. You gotta invest time & it's for the long haul.

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Review by GuestFeb 5th 2023

Chat needs to be seen with out opening. The player has to stop what there doing to chat . Sometimes reading is more information that talking .

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Review by GuestDec 12th 2022

I give 4 stars first, the game is interesting but unfortunately too many toppings

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Review by GuestOct 29th 2022

Good game. No money required to compete.

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Review by GuestJun 19th 2022

Good fun make new friends keeps one involved

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Review by GuestApr 16th 2022

Free to play players can't handle brutal players which ste implemented by games moderators to make people spend money.

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Review by GuestApr 4th 2022

Difficult to build alliance buildings with no zoom features

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Review by YhwhsEliteFeb 22nd 2022

I love it, easy to use and lots of things to do, I don't like that you can't control your march, and you have to recall your troops in alliance flags instead of marching there. If you could send an already March to a destination would be so helpful. Other than that love it.

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Review by GuestSep 29th 2021

Great game. Lots to do and quite easy to build up fast so far anyway.

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