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Arena of Honor

Arena of Honor
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The Arena of Honor in Land of Empires is a PvP arena battle game mode that lets yo test your strength against other players for rewards. The Arena becomes available in the Campaign section (Campaign icon at the bottom of the screen) when you reach City Hall level 15.

Arena of Honor
Arena of Honor


Once unlocked you are able to enter your heroes in 3 waves of attack. This means that you set up a formation with up to 9 heroes (minimum 3 heroes - at least 1 hero for each 3 waves). You will be able to assign troops based on your current highest tier.


When you challenge an opponent your formations will fight each other in a best of 3 face off. Whoever wins at least 2 of the rounds will win the battle.


Entering the event allows you to earn arena coins which will accumulate on the main event screen. Collect these regularly and you can then spend them in the Arena shop for good rewards. Beating certain opponents and raiding your level will increase the rate that the coins accumulate. You can see this rate to the left of the coin chest.

There are also Daily rewards for completing battles and rewards for increasing your Tier in the Arena as well as seasonal rewards.

Arena Shop
Arena Shop


The Arena runs for seasons, each one last for 2 weeks and during the season you can battle and try to raise your level as high as you can. At the end of the season there are further seasonal rewards based on your rank. At the end of a season your rank and tier will be reset.

Hints and Tips for The Arena

The arena is based on your heroes, to succeed and improve you will need to develop at least 6, preferably 9 heroes to raise their levels and upgrade their skills. This will make them more powerful ans also let you deploy more troops into battle.

Until you reach a high level and manage to earn many hero shards to upgrade your hero lineup then you will not be able to make it high up the rankings. But it is still essential to enter the arena during each season as it will earn you coins regardless of your performance.

Remember to collect the coins regularly so that you do not waste any if the storage fills up.

The daily rewards are earned for entering battles up to 10 times a day. To maximise these make sure to start 10 battles each day, it doesn't matter if you lose the battles as you do not lose troops or coins.

We hope you enjoy battling in the arena, if you have any further tips for success please comment below or if you have any questions please go to the Answers Page to ask there,


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