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There are a lot of events that take place in Land of Empires that you can earn rewards from every day. These range from simple progression events that you will complete when you start the game to alliance based events that you will be working with your alliance to achieve goals.

The various events occur at different times but to make it simple the game maintains an event calendar that you can view by tapping the event button in the top right. This will show you the events on today and hoe long they are on for. You can also check to see what events are coming up.

Event Calendar
Event Calendar

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This event is for new players and gives 5 days of special tasks to let you earn rewards. The tasks will be for normal game activities. The more you manage to complete in the first 7 days that you play the more you get. Rewards include shard to recruit Mochizuki Chiyo (Rare Hero) and Valkyrie (Legendary Hero)

New Server Gift

You will see this in the first 7 days of your game and offers a bonus gift when you make a purchase in the game.

Extreme Challenge

This is an alliance event, you will need to be part of an alliance and have reached level 10. Take on and complete challenges to earn points over 7 days. All participants of the alliance will receive rewards based on the whole alliance progress.

Slumber City

Another alliance event where each alliance registers for and then attacks to occupy. This is against NPC enemies of varying levels. There are rewards for participants depending on the performance in each battle.

Ancient Army

During the Event you can earn scrolls through exploring the treasure Zone. The more exploration points you use the more scrolls you can earn,. The scrolls are then used to summon boss enemies on the world map. The Undead Legion. Rally against these to defeat them and earn rewards.

Witness of Glory

An event to redeem your earned Glory Medals for in game rewards.

Swift as the wind

Use speedups in the game while this event is active and unlock rewards.

Sunset Radiance

This is a solo event although extra rewards are possible if your alliance does well collectively. Tee event lasts 3 days, during this time you score points by defeating the invaders on the map. The higher the level of invader the more points you can earn. Points add up and will allow you to unlock and collect reward chests. The total points of all of your alliance members will rank your alliance and give more rewards if you do well.

Mounting Courage

This is a 3 day event that offers extra rewards for increasing your power. All building upgrades, research and training you do during the event will add to your power level and unlock rewards.

Lone Wolf

This is a solo event that last 3 days. Each day of the event will have quests that you can do alone such as defeating invaders or training units. Compete the quests each day and claim the extra rewards.

Ray of Dawn

A 3 day event during which you have the chance to earn reward chests for normal activities. These include collecting the resources in your city, killing invaders or helping alliance members. Each chest earned is sent to your mail and can then be claimed and opened to get a random rewards.

Players are also ranked on their total chests earned during the event with top scorers getting more rewards.

Grueling Grind

A 3 day event during which you will score points by training troops. The higher the level of troops you can train the more points you will earn. Make sure to always be training during this event to maximise the rewards.

Gang Up

This is a 2 day alliance event where you score points by defeating Hellwatcher enemies. You need to rally against these boss enemies with your alliance. Defeat at least 15 over 2 days to receive all the rewards.

Ring of Happiness

The ring of happiness is a 3 day event that offers te chance to play a roulette style game for rewards. The prices range from Legendary hero shards and hero items to resources. You can play once each day for free and then spend diamonds to spin more times if you want.

Every Dime Counts

A 2 day event that gives rewards for gathering resources. There are rewards for the number of times you gather and for gathering certain amounts of each resource type.

Precious Relics

A 2 day event. If you have your Treasury unlocked you can gain points in this event by spending Rejuvenation stones to unlock or upgrade relics. Or by getting Elixir of Enlightenment.

Continent of Glory & Witness of Glory

The continent of glory event is another 3 day event with a range of quests to complete. These include gathering, killing invaders, training and intel quests. You can repeat the quests each day to earn Glory medals and other rewards,

The glory medals can then be exchanged in the Witness of glory event. Open this event screen and choose the extra rewards you want to redeem your glory medals for.

Battle of the Holy Mountain

In this one day event alliances can battle to occupy the holy mountain in the world map to then elect an emperor for the state / server. The emperor can then bestow promotions or demotions to other players.


A 2 day event that rewards you for attacking and killing other players. You will earn more point the higher the tier of enemy troops that you kill.

More event info to be added.


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