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Road of Heroes

Road of Heroes
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The Road of heroes is the campaign section of Land of Empires. Accessible through the Hall of Heroes you will pit a team of 3 of your best heroes against ever increasingly difficult exploration battles.

Road of Heroes
Road of Heroes

The Road of heroes is split into a number of areas with each having 20 stages to complete. Every stage that you manage to win will let you earn rewards and then unlock the next stage. Every area that you complete (to stage 20) will then also earn you Advanced Fate stones for recruiting heroes.

One of the rewards from clearing the stages are Coins. You can find a shop icon in the lower left where to open the Road of Heroes shop. You can spend the coins here for useful items including shards and Tome pages. The hall of heroes also has a daily free chest of rewards to claim so you should remember to check this every day.

Hints for Road of Heroes

Each stage is harder than the one before and will mean that you need to keep improving the strength of your heroes. Pick your best team of 3 and focus on leveling up each one and unlocking and improving their skills.

Hero types and placement

In the Road of heroes the hero type advantages can come into play. These are:

Infantry (red shield icon) is strong against Cavalry (blue horse icon)

Cavalry is strong against Archer (Green bow and arrow)

Archer is strong against Infantry

You will need to place one of each type in your line up but you can select which one. The more powerful heroes of each type will often be the bet but different skills can have advantages in this exploration battle style. It is worth trying different hero combinations to see what works best against difficult enemies.

Heroes can also be placed in either the front row or back row of a formation. If you are fielding archer types then these can be placed in the back row to let them do more damage with less chance of being attacked.

If you have any further questions for the Road of heroes or Land of empires please head to the Answers Page to ask there .

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