Land of Empires: Immortal

What to do every day

What to do every day
Land of Empires: Immortal Guide


Land of empires is a game with plenty to do. There are lots of activities to complete and a constant run of events that will let you earn useful rewards. The early game is also filled with many quests that will help you direct your progress and earn more rewards.

As with many games such as this your progress will be greatly boosted the more you can play. The more time you can spend in the game the better you will do.

There are some activities though that we recommend doing every day to make sure you are claiming the free rewards available as well as giving yourself opportunities to grow quickly. This is a check list of those daily actions.

Many of the activities are those that are listing in Daily Quests. Tap the Quest icon in the bottom menu to view this. Completing as many of these as you can each day will let you open the reward chests for great rewards.

Daily Actions

These are the things you should do every day


Log in every day and tap the VIP at the top to claim your daily VIP points.

Event Center:

Check this to collect free Mobility, Tome of Theogony and other rewards.

You should also check the Events Calendar to see what is running and what you can do to complete rewards


Collect the free road of heroes reward. Complete stages in Road of heroes, enter the Arena etc.

Combat & Exploration

Check the Intel quests in Hawk Watch and compete them all when available.

Attack Hellwatchers. Start Rallies or join other rallies.

Defeat invaders for rewards where you have excess mobility.

Gather resources


Check this for any delivered rewards to collect.


Do the free recruits in the Hall of Heroes plus use Fate stones to recruit if wanted.

Check for possible upgrades to heroes from collected shards / EXP


Help Alliance members

Donate to the Alliance Technology

Check and collect Alliance Gifts

What to do every day

Daily Quests

These are the daily quests, many of them you will do by following the actions above.

Action Levels Max at
Alliance Helps 3 levels 20
Donate to Alliance 3 40
Use Explore points (Treasure zone) 3 50
Complete Intel quests 3 10
Claim Road of heroes Reward
Do Research 1 1
Upgrade Building 1 1
Defeat Hellwatcher 3 5
Gather 3 4
Gather food 3 levels 500000
Gather wood 3 levels 500000
Gather stone 3 100000
Gather iron ore 3 24000
Recruitment 3 5
Train Infantry 2 30
Train Cavalry . . 2 30
Train Archer . . 2 30
Heal 1 1
Use hero training guides 2 5
Alliance chat 1 1

If we have missed any important activities please lest us know in the comments below. If you have any questions on how to complete these quests and activities head over to the Answers Page to ask there.


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