Land of Empires: Immortal

Treasure Zone

Treasure Zone
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The treasure zone in Land of Empires is a solo PvE activity in the game that you can explore and earn Equipment, resources and other rewards.

You can send in your best team of 3 heroes to explore the zone and work your way through the pathways collecting the loot and battling against 'Statue of Evil' bosses. Each boss that you defeat will reward you with a piece of equipment.

Holy City Treasure Hunt
Holy City Treasure Hunt

There are different levels of 'Statue' with the 'Undead' (gold) statue offering the best rewards but will be a strong challenge and impossible when you first start. If you can make it past the challenges you can reach a treasure room at the end for greater rewards.

While progressing through the zone you can also collect Legacy items that offer powerful buffs to your heroes. These will help you fight the bosses. The Zone has a 48 hour timer and will reset to let you start the challenge again. When the zone resets you will lose the legacy item buffs and need to collect them again in your next play through.

Legacy Buffs in the Treasure Zone
Legacy Buffs in the Treasure Zone

All activities in the zone (Collecting loot, starting battles) will cost you Exploration points. These will regenerate over time and you can also get items to replenish them immediately. We would suggest working your way through the zone as far as you can initially taking on the statue fights. If you then have exploration points left of when you can return later you can go back and collect the resources as needed.

If you have the time then the treasure zone is worth exploring each day to claim all the items and rewards you can.

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