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Heroes Guide

Heroes Guide
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The main focus of your attacking force in Land of Empires are the Heroes that you can recruit and enhance. The game has 3 rarity levels of heroes which affects their max power and skills. The higher rarity (legendary) orange heroes will have the best potential but will be harder to obtain and upgrade when you start out in the game.

Hero Athena
Hero Athena

Hero Types and Specialties

Each hero will have a 'type' or affiliation to a troop type. There are 3 types, Infantry, Cavalry and Archer. This type affiliation will determine their attack style, the abilities that they can use and also the buffs that thy can bring to troops that they lead.

The heroes will also have one o more a special abilities that grant buffs during certain actions such as attacking invaders or during rallies.

Please check the Hero abilities guide for more details.

Recruiting Heroes

To recruit heroes you need to collect Hero shards. Each hero has their own shards to collect. You can get shards through several methods such as:

Hero Recruit option in the Hall of Heroes

Completing objectives in Hawk Watch.

Event Rewards,

Purchase packages

Of these, completing the Hawk Watch objectives at every opportunity and making use of any recruit opportunities will be your best f2p course of action.

Upgrading Heroes

Heroes can be upgraded in several ways.

Level: this is upgraded through earning EXP or using Training Guides (EXP books). The level will affect the heroes power and the amount of troops they can lead in battle. The max level at any time can be limited by the heroes Star level and also the level of your Hall of Heroes building.

Star: The star level of each hero is upgraded using additional Hero shards. For this reason you need to keep collecting the shards a every opportunity. You will find it much easier to fully upgrade the blue and purple heroes initially as their shards are more common.

Upgrading the star level will raise both the heroes ATK, DEF and HP stats and also the buffs and abilities that they add to the troops they lead. It also allows you to unlock the 3 skills of each hero.

Skills: Once unlocked though upgrading the star level the skills can then be upgraded with Tome pages. There are different tome pages for each rarity of hero. You can earn these from the Hero recruit option and also from hawk watch and events. The skills have 5 levels to upgrade.

Equipment: these are items that you can acquire through exploring the treasure zone as well as from other areas of the game. There are various items for each type of hero available and each in different rarities. Equip any items you have available to you to boost the heroes stats.

Please check the rest of our heroes guides for more information on the skills and abilities, if you have any questions please head over to the Answers Page to ask there.

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