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How to get more Mobility

How to get more Mobility
Land of Empires: Immortal Guide


Mobility is a stamina currency in Land of Empires that is used to send out your heroes and troops for missions in the world. Activities that use mobility include attacking invaders, rallying against boss enemies such as Hellwatchers and your Hawk watch missions. You do not need mobility to gather from resource plots.

You can see your current mobility as a green line in the top left under your avatar image along with the yellow line for your Exploration points. Exploration points are a separate stamina currency used in the Treasure Zone.

Tapping on the Avatar will give you the current level out of a maximum of 200. You can then also tap on the 'i' icon above to see more details.

You mobility will slowly regenerate over time. When you tap the info icon you will be shown how long it will take to regenerate 1 and all of your mobility. As well as this you can also gain mobility in other ways.

The Event center building has a regular awards of mobility for you to collect. This will generate 80 Mobility every 6 hours but you must collect it before the next award of 80 will start to generate for you. If you are logging in regularly then this will help to keep you stocked up and ready for missions.

If you run out and need mobility in a hurry then there are also mobility items that will instantly recover small amounts of mobility. These can be gained as rewards or also purchased for diamonds.

If you are a dedicated player then mobility will be something you need to keep an eye on as it can stop you taking part in some activities if you don't manage it well.

Try to make the best use of it whenever you are on and then you can send out your marches to gather resources when you run low and take a break to let it recover.

If you have any more questions about the use of mobility or stamina in the land of empires please go to the Answers Page to ask there.

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