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Land of Empires: Immortal

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Land of Empires is a new RPG strategy game from Nuverse. Set in a medieval fantasy themed world of knights and cavalry you must battle undead monsters to rebuild your city. There is a great deal to learn when playing the game so we have put together this starting guide with cheats, hints and tips to help you.

Land of Empire Cheats and Tips
Land of Empire Cheats and Tips

Land of Empire Hints and Tips

Follow the Tutorial
At the start of the game you will be following instructions to show you how to play the game, there will then be a series of chapters to follow with quests. You will need to work through these although you are not fixed to only those activities. Completing the chapters though will unlock new city areas and important features of the game as well as rewards so work through them as soon as you can.

You will also find a large amount of daily and side quests by tapping the quests button at the bottom of thew screen. All of these bring rewards and you will find that the more you can play and complete the faster and easier will be your progress in the game.

Research in the Academy
One of the areas you will unlock includes the Academy Building which is used for research. As with other similar games research will give you useful bonuses and upgrades. Once you are able to you should start investing in research in all areas as much as you can.

You will also unlock training buildings for your 3 troop types. Infantry, Archers and Cavalry. Training troops is important to build up your strength for battles so its is a good idea to always be training troops whenever possible. As you upgrade you will unlock higher tier troops and you will eventually be able to upgrade your lower tier troops too.

Join an alliance
In strategy games joining an alliance is useful and this game is no exception. There are many alliance activities and the help you can get and give to your alliance team mates will also bring a large range of rewards. This is not a game that you can prosper well on your own.

Keep upgrading
Most of your buildings can be upgraded to improve resource incomes, training amounts and open up other features. For your development it is a good idea to try to keep upgrading your resources, barracks and warehouse and many other buildings will need to be upgraded to let you progress the main city hall. At the beginning of the game many upgrades a re free and instant so get those done as soon as you can.

The game initially limits you to only 1 build queue which depending on your play pace can be very slow. You have the option to buy a second build queue which unless you are opting for free to play is worth going for to speed up your progress.

Hawk watch
Hawk watch is a building you will unlock and will let you quickly find missions on the world map near you to complete. Each of these missions will let you earn troops, resources and other very useful rewards and the more missions you do the higher the level or tasks it will find for you. Whenever you have mobility to spare you can use Hawk watch to gain these great rewards.

We hope these tips and hints have been useful. If you have any questions for playing Land of Empires then we have an Answers Page with more help or for you to ask your own question.
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