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Heroes List

Heroes List
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This page contains a list of all the currently available heroes in Land of Empires. The list includes the heroes attack type (Infantry, Cavalry , Archer) and there general specialty. This will give you an idea of where they can use used best.

Most Legendary Heroes have 2 specialties while other heroes have 1

Invader: use when sending troops to attack invaders in the world map

Siege: Use when attacking other players

Defense: Use when defending against attacks

Rally: Use when sending rallies against Hellwatchers and other enemies.

Collect: Use when gathering resources.

The heroes are not limited to these functions of course but will have useful buffs when used in this way.

Heroes List



Athena Infantry Defense / Rally
Heracles Infantry Rally
Caesar Infantry Defense / Siege
Valkyrie Cavalry Defense / Rally
Lancelot Cavalry Siege / Defense
Cleopatra VII Archer Siege / Rally
Anubis Archer Siege / Rally



Mochizuki Chiyo Cavalry Invader
EL Cid Infantry Invader
Spartacus Infantry Collect
Ninhursag Infantry Invader
Queen of Sheba Archer Collect
Nefertari Infatry Invader
Mozi Archer Siege
Scorpion II Cavalry Invader
Ibn Battuta Archer Invader
Anhur Infantry Invader
Sargon Cavalry Invader



Nubia Archer Collect
Oscar Cavalry Collect

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