Jurassic World™: The Game

Getting Started

Getting Started
Jurassic World™: The Game Guide

The idea of having dinosaurs right beside you may be overwhelming. Luckily, the game provides an easy-to-understand process for players to digest as they begin.

Immediately after players launch the game, your help will be enlisted from the Dinosaur Protection Group. And so, the first thing you will have to do is to nominate or confirm your IGN (in-game name). After that, you will have to select an avatar picture from the available photos.

After that, you will be on your to creating your first dinosaur! But how exactly do you go about it?

First, tap on the icon on the center (map icon). There you will be thrown into the world where dinosaurs are roaming freely. When you find a dinosaur nearby you may launch your drone to start harvesting some DNA from the dinosaur.

When interacting with dinosaurs, you are not expected to capture the whole dinosaur. What you are tasked to do is to extract a portion of the dinosaur’s DNA by shooting DNA-extracting darts from your drone.

Shooting the darts

The experience of shooting the DNA-capturing darts is quite similar to Pokemon Go, you will have to shoot the dart within the target circle showing on the dinosaur. The closer it is to the inner, smaller circle the more DNA you can get. When you shoot darts beyond the target circle, the dart will just be deflected.

The duration of your engagement with the dinosaur will also depend on the battery you have and also the distance of the dinosaur when you first interacted with it.

After the time allotted in capturing the dinosaur’s DNA, you will be shown the total amount of DNA you were able to collect. The number of DNA required for each dinosaur will depend on the uniqueness of the dinosaur.

Creating a dinosaur

Once you have gathered a certain amount of DNA of a dinosaur, you will be able to begin re-creating that dinosaur and bringing it to life.

The number of DNA for each dinosaur will depend on the dinosaur’s level of uniqueness. But no matter what level it is, once you are able to collect the amount of DNA required, you may proceed in creating your dinosaur.

Creating the dinosaur won’t be hard to do since you will receive a notification that the dinosaur is ready to create.

After creating the dinosaur, it will added immediately to your collection of dinosaurs. While inside your collection, you will get the chance to make your dinosaur stronger by evolving it and thus prepare them for battle.

At the moment, there are around 100 dinosaurs for you to collect in the game.

Battling dinosaurs

As soon as you are able to collect four dinosaurs, you will already be able to engage in battles with other dinosaurs or players across the globe. At first, of course, you will be shown a quick tutorial of how you can will begin battling with another dinosaur.

Battling with dinosaurs is carried out in a turn basis, which will allow you to select a move whilem your dinosaur’s opponent fulfills a move.

To clear a stage, you will have to win most of the rounds during the three-round battle.

Evolving your dinosaurs

After creating and collecting your dinosaurs, you will soon be able to engage in Battles with other players around the world. As battles are a huge part of the whole game making your dinosaurs strong is an optimal choice.

To evolve your dinosaurs, you must be able to secure the required amount of DNA per dinosaur. Each dinosaur, also depending on the level of uniqueness or rarity, will also have a different amount of DNA required for evolution.

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