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How to Earn Cash for Free?

How to Earn Cash for Free?
Jurassic World™: The Game Guide

Cash is one of the most premium currencies in the game. Here are the things that cash can provide:

    a. Open rare and epic incubators – Rare and epic incubators are similar to the ordinary (common) incubator. The stark difference only is that the epic and rare provide better rewards like three times (or more) the amount of cash, a lot of dinosaur DNA, and a ton of epic and/or rare dinosaur DNA

    b. Open limited-time incubators – These limited-time incubators provide players the opportunity to gain epic or rare DNA, gold coins and even a collection of dinosaur DNA

    c. Purchase Gold Coins – You may use cash in order to purchase Gold Coins, which in turn will be used to evolve dinosaurs and fuse dinosaurs

    d. Reload on Darts – These darts are used to capture dinosaur DNA

    e. Speed up activation of Battle Incubators – After winning a battle, you will be granted a battle incubator as a reward. These rewards, however, are not available at the onset. Therefore, cash can be used to speed up the waiting time so you mean get the rewards from the Battle Incubator.

Given the obvious benefits of having a ton of cash, it is essential to have enough cash with you, or perhaps the capacity to pay for cash. The price in purchasing cash in-game varies depending on the country.

There may be people who may not want to spend real money for Cash. If that’s the case, here are a few ways to earn cash for FREE:

1. Spin those Supply Drop Stops – go around and spin supply drop stops since they reward the player with at least 10 Cash. The Supply Drop Spin refreshes every 15 minutes.

2. Download and use partner apps – The titles of apps may vary depending on your country, but the game provides players an opportunity to earn cash for free by downloading and using partner apps.

To do this:
a. Tap on the Market icon
b. Scroll down to the CASH section
c. Tap on the Earn Cash Free button
d. Inside that button there are three categories for earning cash (Action, Discovery, and Video)

For us, this is what the requirements look like:

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