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What are the types of Incubator?

What are the types of Incubator?
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Incubators are essential items in the game that grant players an opportunity to gain in-game items that are crucial for any player’s growth. These items include: Cash, Gold Coins, and most especially dinosaur DNA (either rare, common, and epic).

By default, you will be allowed a free incubator to open at least once a day. This incubator will only grant you a few free items like a few spare cash, some darts, and even a regular dinosaur’s DNA.

Jurassic World Alive Tip: If you are keen on spending lots of time in the game, it would be best to invest in a VIP Membership. Doing so will unlock the possibilities of being able to open Epic Incubators which will give you access to more amounts of cash, more darts, and even tons of DNA of rare or epic dinosaurs.

To give you an idea of the types of incubators that are available, here is the list of all the incubators we have were able to open so far:

Common Incubator
3 Cash
20 Darts
Regular Dinosaur DNA

Battle Incubator
125 Gold Coins
5 Darts
Dinosaur of 2 Rare Dinosaurs

313 Gold Coins
10 Darts
DNA of 2 Rare Dinosaurs

Gold Battle Incubator
833 Gold Coins
15 Darts
DNA of 1 Common Dinosaur
DNA of 1 Rare Dinosaur
DNA of 1 Epic Dinosaur

Blue Battle Incubator
3421 Gold Coins
DNA of 2 Common Dinosaurs
DNA of 2 Rare Dinosaurs

Epic Incubator
7421 Gold Coins
DNA of 2 Common Dinosaurs
DNA of 2 Rare Dinosaurs
DNA of 2 Epic Dinosaurs

Premium Incubator (available upon reaching level 9)
22167 Gold Coins
DNA of a 5 Common Dinosaur
DNA of 3 Rare Dinosaur
DNA of 2 Epic Dinosaurs

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