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Creating a Dinosaur

Creating a Dinosaur
Jurassic World™: The Game Guide

When capturing a dinosaur’s DNA, the number of DNA you can gather will depend on the quality of shots you’ve thrown at the dinosaur. Was it accurate? How close was it to the inner target circle?

As soon as you are done capturing DNA, you will be shown a summary of the total number of DNA that you were able to extract from the dinosaur.

Each dinosaur already has a fixed amount of DNA that must be collected if you’d like to re-create a dinosaur. From what we’ve observed, the higher the level of uniqueness the dinosaur has the more DNA is required of it.

These are the number of DNA strains required for each type of dinosaur:
a. common – 50 DNA strains
b. rare – 100 DNA strains
c. legendary – 200 DNA strains

Whenever you’ve met the number of DNA strains required of the dinosaur you mauy proceed in creating that dinosaur and bringing it back to life.

To know if you have dinosaurs available to create, do the following:
1. Go to your collection (the round dinosaur icon at the bottom)
2. If a dinosaur’s icon is highlighted in green and offers the prompt to “Create”, then that means that that dinosaur has enough DNA to be recreated.
3. If so, tap on that dinosaur.
4. After tapping on that dinosaur, you will be shown a few insights of the dinosaur. Tap on the “Create” button
5. After doing so, stats of the dinosaur will be shown to increase
6. After that, tap on the Continue button

After successfully creating your dinosaur, it will be immediately added to your Team first before the Collection.

Note: Your dinosaurs will automatically be added to the Team compilation first and not to your Collection right away. You may modify this later on as you go through the game.

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