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Creating a Hybrid Dinosaur

Creating a Hybrid Dinosaur
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As of this writing there are around 100 types of dinosaurs available in the game for players to recreate and include them in their collection of dinosaurs. While most of the dinosaurs can be discovered by capturing DNA from dinosaurs in the wild, some—if not most—are discovered by producing hybrids.

In Jurassic World Alive, players may fuse two types of dinosaurs together in order to produce a unique hybrid. Remember the Indominus Rex from the movie? Well that is actually one of the hybrids that can be recreated in the game.

How to determine if a dinosaur can produce a hybrid?

Not all dinosaurs have the capability to be part of a hybrid. To identify if a dinosaur can be part of a hybrid, tap on a dinosaur and scroll down to check its description (About the dinosaur). While scrolling down, you may notice a sub-section titled “Possible Hybrids”. If that particle dinosaur has this sub-section then it means that it can be fused with another dinosaur in order to produce a hybrid.

Once you find a dinosaur that has a possible hybrid, you will also find out what type of dinosaur it must be fused with in order to create the said hybrid. To do this, do the following:
1. Tap on the dinosaur with the possible hybrid
2. Tap on the icon of the possible hybrid (some dinosaurs can produce more than one hybrid)
3. Check on the requirements needed to produce a hybrid

How do you produce a hybrid?

Once you’ve discovered what dinosaurs are required in order to produce a hybrid, your objective of creating that hybrid becomes actually clearer.

These are the requirements that are needed to produce a hybrid:
1. A specific level for each of the dinosaurs that must be fused – When fusing dinosaurs each parent dinosaur that must meet a certain level before it can be fused to produce a hybrid. For example, to produce an Indominus Rex, you will need to have a lvl 15 Velociraptor and a lvl 15 T-Rex.

Jurassic World Alive Tip: From what we’ve seen, the requirements needed to produce a hybrid dinosaur changes depending on the level of uniqueness of a dinosaur.

Rare dinosaurs – These require level 5 dinosaurs and around 20 coins
Epic dinosaurs – These require level 10 dinosaurs for both parent dinosaurs and 100 coins
Legendary dinosaurs – These require level 15 dinosaurs for each parent and 200 coins

2. The amount of DNA from both dinosaurs – While there may not be a specific number alloted to the creation of the hybrid dinosaur. Right now, we are seeing that the system accumulates DNA at around 10/20/30 etc.

Jurassic World Alive Tip: When you have a hybrid and a parent dinosaur, you will have to decide which one to spend the collected DNA of the parent dinosaur. Meaning if you decide to power-up or evolve your hybrid, you will have to cease evolving the parent dinosaurs.

3. Gold coins – Aside from the level of dinosaurs available as well as gold coins you will also be required to spend a few amount gold coins. Just like what we mentioned earlier, the amount of gold coins will vary depending on the level of uniqueness of the hybrid you want to produce.

Once you have met all the requirements for the possible hybrid, all you have to do is tap on the Fuse button and the dinosaur will immediatelty be added to your collection.

What are the benefits of having a hybrid dinosaur?

One of the main benefits of having a hybrid dinosaur is clearly having more abilities than a regular dinosaur. Especially in battle, having more abilities means that you have more options when it comes to selecting what type of move to use and you won’t need to have to worry about most of the moves being on cooldown.

Another benefit of having hybrid dinosaurs is that these dinosaurs, when created, immediately start off at a higher level.

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