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Battling with Dinosaurs

Battling with Dinosaurs
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As soon as you have four (4) dinosaurs in your collection you will be able to unlock the battle option in the game. To engage in a battle there are a few things you’d have to understand first:

a. Dinosaur battle line-up
b. Battle mechanic
c. Battle rewards

When you begin the battle option, you will first be brought to the tutorial stage of battling, which is the Training Grounds. Inside the Training Grounds you will be shown how to engage in battle. You will, of course only get to work with the four dinosaurs you have in your collection. The selection of these dinosaurs will be random.

Beyond this level you will have to meet a certain number of rewards that will be needed before you will be able to proceed to the next level of battle.

Dinosaurs battle line-up

Before you begin battling with other players you will have to make sure that your dinosaurs are ready for battle as well.

Before selecting which dinosaur will go into battle, you will have to understand what dinosaurs in your collection goes into battle and what doesn’t.

Right before battling, you will notice two types of dinosaur storage. There will be a “My Collection” and “My Team”.

Inside the “Team” location, this is where all the dinosaurs that will be engaged in battle will be. Meaning when the system randomly selects which dinosaurs will go into battle, the system will definitely pull from this team. Within this “team” you will be limited to only four (4) dinosaurs at a given time.

By default, your team may already have slotted selected dinosaurs. If you do not like the dinosaurs that were selected, you may alter the selection by tapping on the “Modify” button at the upper right corner of the “Collection” screen. Once you do this, you will have to pull in dinosaurs from your “Collection”

Quick Jurassic World Alive Tip: When modifying your battle line-up, make sure to have a good mix of dinosaurs, meaning you have a dinosaur that can handle speed, have enough durability, and has a strong attack too.

Inside the “Collection” roster, will contain ALL the dinosaurs you have collected and which are not included in your battle line-up. The “My Collection” roster will also only house a total of 100 dinosaurs.

Battle mechanic

Once you are ready to engage in battle (also if you have dinosaurs ready for battle), just tap on the Battle button to begin.

Immediately, the system will search for an available opponent. There will be times when the game will have difficulty searching for an opponent. When this happens, the system will just renew its search after approximately 2 minutes.

When you have an opponent ready for battle, the next thing you will do is to select which dinosaur will be the first to engage in battle. By the time you reach this stage you won’t be able to select or modify your dinosaur battle line-up.

Jurassic World Alive Tip: Make sure you have a good mix of dinosaurs in your line-up. You should have a dinosaur that is fast enough to be able to deliver attacks quickly. You will also need a dinosaur that is also durable enough to endure attacks. Lastly, you will also need a dinosaur that has a strong attack as well. So get to know your dinosaurs and understand what their strengths are. Aside from understanding the strengths of your dinosaurs, be sure to study your opponent dinosaur as well. Find out their weaknesses and make sure to have a dinosaur that has the capability to exploit that particular weakness.

Jurassic World Alive Tip: For beginners, we recommend to go with Velociraptors as your starting dinosaur since it is known to be really fast and has a decent amount of attack damage as well.

Jurassic World Alive Tip: If your dinosaurs have fallen and you now have to select a new dinosaur to battle, pick the “best” dinosaur—the one with a speed arrow icon.

After selecting what dinosaur will go first the battle proper will commence. Battling in Jurassic World Alive is turn-based. You will also select the type of attacks or actions to carry out by tapping on an action button on the bottom of the screen.

Note: These actions are not limited to attack actions only. Some of the actions involved also include activating a shield and or swapping a dinosaur. Yes, swapping a dinosaur consumes one turn. Once your dinosaurs also have hit a critical level of their health, you can no longer swap your dinosaur with another.

Jurassic World Alive Tip: When deciding what attack your dinosaur will take, be patient to analyze the effects of the attack. To this by holding the attack icon and see how much damage it will deliver on your opponent’s hp.

When selecting an attack, there may be times when you will see a number on it. That number serves as the attack’s cooldown timer, meaning that number will represent the number of turns before you may use that attack again.

The main objective of the battle arena is for you to defeat three (3) dinosaurs. Once you are able to do this, you will get a Battle Incubator as a reward.

Battle Rewards

When you’ve successfully defeated an opponent, you will gain a standard incubator as a reward.

While the contents of the incubator may vary, the incubator will always usually contain the following:
a. a dinosaur’s DNA (common, rare, etc.)
b. gold coins
c. darts

You will have a maximum of four battle incubator slots available.

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