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Capturing a Dinosaur's DNA

Capturing a Dinosaur's DNA
Jurassic World™: The Game Guide

Quickly after launching the app and the tutorial, you will go straight to interacting with dinosaurs by capturing their DNA.

When it comes to capturing DNA, there are three main things that must be considered:
a. The distance of the dinosaur from your location
b. The number of darts you have available
c. Knowledge of how to land your darts on the dinosaur

The distance of the dinosaur from your location

Whenever you enter the Map/ Explore mode (the round icon right in the middle), dinosaurs will be made available to your view instantly. Some will be far, while some may be right beside you.

There will be times that you may find a dinosaur that’s fairly far from you. While it may be tempting to hurry out and capture that dinosaur, you will have to make sure that you fall within a close proximity to the dinosaur. From our observation, you may launch your drone if the dinosaur is a little below 100 meters away from you only. Anything beyond that will require a special battery just so that you will be extract the required amount of DNA from the dinosaur.

Quick Jurassic World Alive Tip: If you’d want to maximize the time you have in capturing DNA, launch a drone to a dinosaur that is closest to you. From our experience, the closer the dinosaur is to you, the more time you have in capturing the required amount of DNA.

The number of available darts in your inventory

Of course, what will capturing DNA mean if you do not have the tools to continue with the task? When it comes to capturing dinosaur DNA, the main tool that you will have to use are the DNA-capturing darts.

There are two ways you may acquire darts:
a. Spin Supply Drop points – While in the map/explore mode you will notice several Supply Drop Points available. These drop points are like a tower with a square on top of it (they are extremely similar to Pokestops for Pokemon Go). To be able to get the supply from the stop, come closer to the stop and wait for the square to brighten. Once that’s done, you will know that you are close enough to claim the supplies from the stop.

Quick Jurassic World Alive Tip: If you want to gain more rewards (darts and/or coins), you may opt-in to the VIP Program of the game. Doing so will require you to spend real money for the upgrade.

b. Purchase Darts – You may also purchase a decent amount of darts by paying up with in-game cash. These are the prices of the darts:
10 Darts – 10 cash
120 Darts – 100 cash

Knowledge of how to land your darts accurately

When it comes to throwing darts on the dinosaurs to capture DNA, patience and accuracy is essential. Why? Because you will be dealing with a limited time to be able to land those darts on the dinosaur.

The time allotted to you to catch DNA will depend on the distance of the dinosaur from you and the type of battery you have.

The most crucial thing to accomplish when throwing your darts to the dinosaur is to release the darts when you crosshair is right in the middle of the target circle. Doing so will provide you with the most number of points (to know if you’ve been able to hit that spot, the points you will receive will be highlighted in purple).

Quick Jurassic World Alive Tip: Your first throw will be the most steadiest because it is assumed that your drone is not yet moving. So make sure that your first throw will land right in the middle of the target circle to get the most number of points.

Quick Jurassic World Alive Tip: Do not spend too much time trying to hit the middle target circle. You have to remember that you are also working with a limited time frame. What is more important is that you land as many darts as possible to the dinosaur.

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