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How do you get the Indominus Rex?

How do you get the Indominus Rex?
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As this game is tied to the latest Jurassic World Movie this game would not be Jurassic World without the possibility of creating the Indominus Rex.

Similar to the movie, the Indominus Rex is truly a force to be reckoned with (seeing how it was in the movie, then that shouldn’t come as a surprise). Standing around 40 feet tall while carrying the traits of various dinosaurs, the Indominus Rex is not only smart but is also agile and huge.

The game describes the Indominus Rex as: Thi
Given all that, the Indominus Rex is an amazing dinosaur to have in your collection.

To get an Indominus Rex, the main requirements are the following:

    1 Level 15 Tyrannosaurus Rex

    1 Level 15 Velociraptor

    200 Gold Coins

While Tyrannosaurus Rex’s location may vary from country, the only thing we think you may get some Tyrannosaurus Rex DNA is to either:
    a. Go out and capture DNA from T-Rex roving around

    b. Purchase epic incubators or subscribe to the VIP membership to get a chance to get T-Rex and/or Velociraptor DNA

Jurassic World Alive Tip: For the Velociraptor, it is best to farm for this dinosaur at night since they are most prevalent in the wild at night.

Once you have upgraded your T-Rex and Velociraptor to level 15, the only thing you will have to do is to tap on the Fuse button to combine the DNA of both parent dinosaurs.

After that, your Indominus Rex will immediately be added to your collection.

Note: When creating a hybrid dinosaur, your dinosaur won’t have to start at level 1.

For a list of all the possible hybrid dinosaurs, do check out this page.

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