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What is the VIP Membership and Is it Worth It?

What is the VIP Membership and Is it Worth It?
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For most of the players in Jurassic World Alive, one of the biggest and most serious problemt that players are faced with are:

    a. the short battery life, which ultimately means that the player has less time capturing a dinosaur’s DNA and thus, less DNA is actually collected

    b. dinosaurs being out of range – sometimes when you open the app, you may notice an epic, legendary, or even a rare dinosaur in the field but then you are incapable of interacting with the dinosaur because of its distance from you

    c. difficulty of getting rare, epic, or legendary dinosaurs – capturing DNA from rare, epic, or legendary dinosaurs are quite a challenge since they rarely show up in the map so you will either have to go far away or be out for extended periods of time just so you can

With the challenges mentioned above, opting for a VIP membership ca be one of the best solutions.

The Jurassic World Alive VIP membership is a privilege offered to players who are willing to pay for the status. The benefits from the VIP membership will last for a month or until such time the player will choose to suspend his/her VIP membership.

Here are some of the benefits of the VIP membership:
1. The availability of epic incubators – this could be one of the best benefits of subscribing to the VIP membership. Having epic incubators allow you to collect DNA of epic dinosaurs without leaving the comfort of your own home.

2. Increased drone range (around 33% increase in range) – Just like the one of the known challenges mentioned earlier, seeing rare, epic, or legendary dinosaurs that are out of your range may be quite frustrating. With the VIP membership, however, you will be able to reach dinosaurs a little over 100 meters.

3. Enhanced batteries (around 33% increase) – Another top challenge in the game is the short battery life. Battery life is essential in capturing a dinosaur’s DNA since the more time you have means the more DNA you are capable of collecting. With the VIP membership, you will be using enhanced batteries that will provide you with much more time in capturing a dinosaur.

4. Increased supply drops – Supply Drops are essential for every Jurassic World Alive player. But then, there may be times that the items that is shared from the Supply Drops are not enough to maximize the rewards you get with every spin. With the VIP membership you will gain more rewards with every spin from a Supply Drop Stop.

5. Exclusive Offers in the Store – Depending on the promos that the developer will craft, there will be offers that will only be available to VIP members.

How to become a VIP member?

    1. Tap on the Market icon

    2. Scroll to either the Incubator section or the Equipment section

    3. Tap on the VIP inclubator icon or the Enhanced Batteries icon

    4. Tap on the Join Now tab from the VIP landing page

    5. Confirm your purchase by providing your payment details and/or method

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