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Figure Fantasy is a figurine-themed gacha idle mobile game where you collect various figurines that have a life of their own. The game has several game modes to keep you occupied. Each mode specializes in a particular type of reward. In our Brawl Club Guide, we will quickly cover this game mode and the rewards you can get from it.

Brawl Club is the game’s PvP mode. There are two categories available: Junior and Ranked. The first one you’ll unlock is the Junior category while the Senior category is a ranked match that will be unlocked once you’ve cleared Adventure stage 13-1.
Brawl Club

To participate in a match, you have two free attempts per day. Succeeding match attempts will require “Tournament Tickets”. Winners in each match earn points while losers lose some. The points earned by players are used to calculate their progression in the Leaderboard. Players will receive rewards based on their corresponding ranking in the leaderboard. The leaderboard resets every 2 weeks.
Brawl Club

Additionally, you’ll need to set your Defense Lineup. The figurines you’ll assign in this defensive team is what the other players will fight if ever they select your name from their list of possible opponents. When challenging other players, you’re free to select your best figurines to get the highest BP (battle power) to have a higher chance of winning against your opponent.

Taking part in this mode allows players to earn Bottle Caps, a currency used to purchase various goods in the Honor Store. You can buy figurine pieces of top-tier figurines like Astaroth and Inrendhts, badges, wishes, upgrade drawings, etc. The store gets refreshed in specific periods as well so make sure to check it from time to time, especially if you’re aiming for particular figurine pieces.

Finally, the players’ position in the leaderboard will allow them to earn additional rewards consisting of bottlecaps, diamonds, and lucky coins. The last bracket (rank 1001-99999) will still give you 1000 bottlecaps, 20 diamonds, and 20K coins for the daily ranking reward, while the seasonal ranking reward will award you with 6000 bottlecaps, 100 diamonds, and 100K coins. That said, it’s worth participating in this mode, even if you’re not winning frequently. The rewards are awarded once the daily and seasonal rankings reset.
Brawl Club

This concludes our Brawl Club Guide for Figure Fantasy. For more Figure Fantasy content, please check out our other pages within this guide.

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