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Figure Fantasy is a figurine-themed gacha idle mobile game where you collect various figurines that have a life of their own. The game has several game modes to keep you occupied. Each mode specializes in a particular type of reward. In our Sacred Tour Guide, we will quickly cover this game mode and the rewards you can get from it.

Sacred Tour Basics

The Sacred Tour is a game mode where you can farm Letter (skill upgrade) materials. It has 8 stages, with 6 levels each. Clearing a stage (regardless of stars) will unlock the next stage and allow the player to collect “First Clear Rewards”. Additionally, you can also use the Sweep function which will allow you to instantly clear the battle and collect the rewards without actually fighting. Each stage has a daily limit that will be refreshed as part of the game’s scheduled daily reset.
Sacred Tour

Each level has a 3-star system, which will provide additional rewards per star attained. Each star corresponds to a task like achieving victory, defeating a specific enemy within X seconds, finishing the battle within X seconds, winning the battle without getting damaged, etc. You can see these requirements in this mode’s stage selection screen.

When tackling the Sacred Tour, you can’t use your own figurines. There’s only a specific set of figurines that you can deploy. This mode is like a puzzle; you’ll need to put the figurines in the right position in order to achieve victory and earn all 3 stars. If you’re aiming for 3 stars, don’t hesitate to try different deployment slots in the field. Once you identify the correct positioning, the 3-star rating is practically yours.
Sacred Tour


Instead of stamina, you’ll need to use Fishbones. These replenish naturally over time but if you want to replenish your supply of fishbones, you can use the Fishbone boxes (idle item) to replenish the specified amount of fishbones. Alternatively, you can also exchange 50 diamonds to get 60 fishbones.
Sacred Tour

Max Ave Level

There are special stages that will require you to reach a certain “max average level” before you can challenge them. This is based on the average levels of the 5 highest level figurines in your roster. Leveling up these top 5 figurines will help increase the max average level as well.

Quick Sweep

As mentioned above, the items you can get in the Sacred Tour stages are used for upgrading your figurines’ Letter (skill level). Thankfully, you can perform a quick sweep directly from the Letter upgrade menu, as long as you have unlocked the Sacred Tour stage where you can get the material and possess enough fishbones to do so.

When you see the “Sweep Available” label on the material’s icon, it means that you can perform a sweep to automatically spend fishbones and collect the required amount of materials without going to the Sacred Tour menu itself. `
Sacred Tour

This concludes our Sacred Tour Guide for Figure Fantasy. For more Figure Fantasy content, please check out our other pages within this guide.

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