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Figure Fantasy Review: A Figure Collector's Game

Figure Fantasy Review: A Figure Collector's Game
Figure Fantasy is an figurine-themed idle mobile game by KOMOE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED. This idle-RPG title has gacha mechanics and familiar concepts like resource and character management. Players take the reins of a “figurine master”, which is an apt title for a figure collector. Figure Fantasy hits home to a niche community of figure collectors, particularly those based in anime and video games. However, this doesn’t gatekeep other potential players since the game’s design and flow are very similar to other mobile RPG titles.

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First, let’s kick off our review with the game’s cost. A common business model followed by most gacha titles is Free to Play, with optional in-game purchases. Figure Fantasy isn’t any different. However, Figure Fantasy isn’t gated by hidden costs and the game’s whole content is very accessible even to F2P players. The game’s ad-free and the in-game purchases are just that - optional. Of course, players who will spend on the game are people who want to support the developers or just want an easier time and better experience.

The gameplay is quite familiar, especially for players who have tried out other gacha mobile games before. To sum it up, you’ll be collecting characters (figures), enhancing them, (level up, skill up), clearing missions and other game modes, rinse-repeat. It might seem mundane on paper but as you play regularly, it’s quite easy to get the grasp of the basic gameplay and different game modes. The also has an idle system where your figures fight on their own, allowing you to earn resources even when you’re not playing or if the game is not running. Even if you don’t play the entire day, you’ll be able to collect a huge amount of resources upon logging in again, making it easier to catch up or even improve your figures.

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The game’s gacha system is called Blind Box. There are different banners available like Limited Rate Up, In Stock (Standard/Permanent), and Brand Exclusive. The premium currency mostly used for ordering (pulling) boxes are Diamonds though the game allows you to earn other items for ordering figures like Blind Box Cards, vouchers, FULI Wish, etc. The game’s drop rate is somewhat generous and acceptable. The game also employs a “pity” system that provides you a guaranteed figure after X number of draws.

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Managing your figures is essential to keep them combat-ready. You can level them up, power up their skills, and give them parts (accessories) to further improve their stats. There are even other versions (skins) of certain figures that you can switch them to, especially for the eye candy. The gears and materials needed to improve your figurines can be farmed through normal combat missions and other stages. Thankfully, the game has a Sweep feature that allows you to use entry items and obtain the rewards instantly without even fighting to clear the stage. This makes the game’s grind a lot more bearable.

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Figure Fantasy’s combat is quite straightforward. You can deploy up to 5 figurines, each with their own role and combat style. Generally, you’ll want your tanks up front, your healer/support in the middle, and your glass cannons in the rear. You can even activate auto-combat and speed up the battle so that your figurines fight on their own without your intervention.

The game features a really detailed and pleasing visual quality. You can tinker with the settings and even amp up the graphics to UHD resolution - as long as your hardware can support it. The UI isn’t that clunky or confusing but will still take getting used to. The framerate is smooth during combat though you might encounter some frame drops especially when your figurines are using their ultimate skills.

The environment and figurine designs in Figure Fantasy are equally appealing. It’s refreshing and amusing to watch your figurines go on an adventure on their own, in a smaller creature’s point of view, while you’re idle.

The game’s audio is satisfactory. The overall music and combat effects are great. The figurines are fully voiced as well, giving them some sort of individuality. The game offers you two voiceover languages: English and Japanese. As a personal recommendation, it’s apt to play the game in Japanese for immersion.

Overall, Figure Fantasy is a very pretty game that gacha fans can try - especially if you’re an active figure collector or just an average weeb. Figure collectors will be quite at home with the game’s aesthetic and terms though it presents itself accessible enough for new players not familiar with the hobby or space the game primarily markets itself for. As mentioned earlier in this review, you don’t need to spend anything in the game. As long as you play regularly and participate in events, you’ll be able to earn enough resources and premium currency that you can use to pull for those rare figurines that you want.

4.3 / 5.0
review by vhayste | Jan 8th 2022

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