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Figurine Class and Brands

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Figure Fantasy is a figurine-themed gacha idle mobile game where you collect various figurines that have a life of their own. Combat is also an integral part of the Figure Fantasy’s gameplay. Figurines come with different roles and specialties and you’ll need to form a team based on these factors in order to have an effective party to help you progress through various quests and content. In our Figurine Class and Brands Guide, we will quickly discuss the different figurine classes, brands, and how they affect your team formation.

Figurine Class

There are five different figurine classes which determine the figurine’s role and specialty in combat. These classes will also help you decide the best position a figurine should be deployed on the battlefield.
Figurine Class and Brands

These are the tanks of the game and should be placed in the frontlines. They have high HP and skills that allow them to heal themselves, reduce incoming damage, taunt enemies, or more.
These are your frontline DPS melee units, capable of attacking the enemy backline. They have well-balanced stats and their skills might also vary like dealing raw damage, inflicting debuff on enemies, activating self-buffs, etc. They’re quite versatile so having one Vanguard in your team is usually a given.
This is a ranged class that can deal damage to enemies from the safety of the backline. They don’t have much health (in exchange for having exceptional attack stats) so don’t place them anywhere near enemies. Furthermore, their special skill usually gives them additional damage bonus if there are no surrounding enemies so keeping them safe will allow them to maintain a high damage output.
This is another ranged class that can deal outstanding long-range damage while also providing buffs to allies and debuffs to enemies. Like the vanguard, specialist skills doesn’t follow a theme or standard so consider including one to your team if your team will benefit from its skills or for Brand Image activation.
A ranged class that focuses mainly on providing support to allies by using heals or party-wide buffs. They have the ability to enhance all surrounding allies so placing them in the middle of the formation will allow you to maximize their support range.

Figurine Class and Brands

Figure Brands

This is an identifier for figurines, representing their designer and producer/manufacturer. Figure Brands are permanent and can’t be removed or changed. The figure’s brand affects two things in combat: Brand Countering and Brand Image. Brand Countering is the game’s rock-paper-scissors system where one brand can deal 25% more damage to another brand they’re strong against. There are five brands in the game; three make up the rock-paper-scissor trio while the other two are strong against each other. Brand Image is a team-wide buff that will activate depending on the number of figurines deployed on the field that belongs to the same brand.
Figurine Class and Brands

This concludes our Figurine Class and Brands Guide for Figure Fantasy. For more Figure Fantasy content, please check out our other pages within this guide.

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