Figure Fantasy

Figure Fantasy Tier List

by vhaysteFeb 14th 2022

In our Figure Fantasy Tier List page, we will cover which characters/units are worth considering building and investing on to help you clear the game's content.


Figure Fantasy Tier List
Figure Fantasy Tier List

Figure Fantasy is a figurine-themed gacha idle mobile game where you collect various figurines that have a life of their own. Combat is also an integral part of the Figure Fantasy’s gameplay. Figurines come with different roles and specialties and you’ll need to form a team based on these factors in order to have an effective party to help you progress through various quests and content. In our Figure Fantasy tier list, we'll discuss some of the best figurines to have in the game.


Please be reminded that Tier Lists are not “definite” measures of the character’s strength and potential. There are a lot of factors to be considered like the characters’ availability, their synergy with your team, their utility, equipment, etc. As such, please use our tier lists as what they’re meant to be - a guide. Use tier lists to help you decide whether you’ll want to invest resources and time to build a character. At the end of the day, it’s you who will decide which ones you’ll use based on preference and performance .


Viewing the Gallery

You can see the details of figurines you don’t own yet by checking the Figurine Gallery (this is different from the Figurine List option) You can reach the Figurine Gallery by doing the following steps:

1. From the main menu, tap the Gallery (Handbook) button

2. Tap the Figurine button on the left side.

3. Select the figurine you want to examine.

Figure Fantasy

It’s quite challenging to create a tier list ranking figurines based on their overall performance so we’ll just feature the best figurines in their respective classes/ roles. Their stat scaling or ratings are usually consistent depending on their class so a major factor that can affect a figurine’s tier ranking is its skill set - which we will mostly cover in this tier list.

Figure Fantasy

Best Defenders

These are the tanks of the game and should be placed in the frontlines. They have high HP and DEF, as well as skills that allow them to heal themselves, reduce incoming damage, taunt enemies, or more.


Astaroth is a top tier tank, thanks to his access to self-healing and damage reduction abilities. His Diabolical skill allows him to transform into a dragon which damages surrounding enemies in a 2-tile AoE. He also restores health equal to the damage dealt while in dragon form. Upgrading this skill further increases his dragon form’s damage output while reducing incoming damage, as well as restoring some of his energy after transforming back to human form.

Astaroth can also active Pillage which enables him to attack a target and the enemy behind the target while transformed and restores health. Upgrades of this skill restores energy upon hitting enemies and the chance to unleash Pillage once again after an enemy is defeated.


Megan’s bread-and-butter is her Shield ability that reduces a significant amount of incoming damage while also activataing a fire barrier that deals damage over time to surrounding enemies. The barrier’s damage increases as Megan’s shield becomes stronger. At LV2 upgrade, this skill also reduces the ATK speed of surrounding enemies and at LV3, the shield is strengthened by 25%. On top of that, 40% of the damage dealt by the fire barrier is converted and added to her shield.

Megan’s passive skill “Armed Force” deals damage to all enemies at the start of each battle while boosting her DEF by 10% for each enemy hit; this DEF boost can also stacked up to 9 times. Since Megan lacks self-healing skills, a healer/supporter is pretty much required to increase her survivability and for you to take advantage of her fire barrier’s effect.


Khrusos is a defender that leans mostly to the offensive side. His “Death Tornado” skill allows him to deal damage to all enemies while boosting his DEF. At LV2, this skill heals him 50% of the damage dealt by this skill. At upgrade LV3, the skill’s damage is further boosted with a small chance to knock out enemies for 2 secondsl that scales off Khrusos’ accuracy stat.

Khrusos’ passive skill, “Last Resort”, gets triggered when his HP drops below 50% for the first time during the battle. This damages all surrounding enemies and stuns them. Upgrading this skill to LV2 boosts its damage and restores some energy. At LV3, Khrusos becomes immune to all damage and stuns attackers after the effect is triggered.

Even if Khrusos lacks reliable survivability skills for a defender, you can surely cover this weakness by assigning a reliable healing in the same team. His disruptive stun effects can be quite useful especially if you have active DPS who can freely pummel stunned targets.

Figure Fantasy

Best Vanguards

These are your frontline DPS melee units, capable of attacking the enemy backline. They have well-balanced stats and their skills might also vary like dealing raw damage, inflicting debuff on enemies, activating self-buffs, etc. They’re quite versatile so having one Vanguard in your team is usually a default choice

Yuina Mizuki

Despite being a vanguard, Yuina is boasts skills that increases her survivability. She can lock down targets in a Duel, reflect damage, and heal herself whenever she dodges or uses her Ultimate. Her basic attacks apply Seals to the target that can be stacked up to 10 times. This allows her to deal extra damage to targets with Seals.

Yuina’s “You’re Mine!” skill locks a target in a duel for a few seconds. When in a duel, her ATK speed is increased and will heal her every second. At upgrade LV2, this skill can even reflect a huge portion of the damage dealt by the target. The enemy she locks in a duel can only attack her. In Arena mode, targets in a duel cannot use their ultimate skill; furthermore, this effect can’t be removed by purification.

This good balance of offense and field presence easily makes her a very reliable unit in PvE and PvP.

Yoko Kasumi

Yoko is somewhat a glass cannon, and may die frequently without the proper support. She has a set of potent offensive skills but with detrimental effects. However, even these doesn’t make her a bad unit.

Yoko’s “Scarlet Dance” loses a bit of her HP and attacks a target 4 times, which explodes afterward, dealing damage to the target and enemies next to it. At upgrade LV2, she’ll be able to do 5 attacks and at LV3, her ultimate’s damage gets boosted by a small amount and the exploded seal also stuns the target for a whooping 25 seconds.

Her passive, “Hurricane Dance”, transforms her into a Ghost for the first time she takes lethal damage. In this form, she can’t be damaged or healed. However, she dies immediately once the duration of the skill is over. The skill allows her to deal free damage for a few seconds but once upgraded, Yoko will gain higher chance to double the marks applied per attack, increased ATK speed, and extension of the duration of her Ghost form for every enemy defeated.


Rin is solid vanguard, capable of dealing extra damage by spotting weak points, performing combos that ignore a portion of a target’s DEF, and inflicting Frost Damage - a special damage type that completely ignores the target’s DEF.

Her “Dancing Blades” skill allows her to spot her enemy’s weak points, dealing extra damage per weak point spotted. This skill starts to shine at upgrade LV2, where each of Rinn’s attacks triggers Frost damage equal to 45% of her attack. At upgrade LV3, all of Rinn’s damage gets boosted by 20% whenever she uses the skill; this damage boost can be stacked up to three times.

Rinn’s passive, “Broken Defense” enables her basic attacks to have a chance to trigger a combo. Combos deals damage to the same target twice in a row while ignoring 30% of its DEF. The trigger chance scales off Rinn’s accuracy bonus. This skill gains Lifesteal (steal HP from the target) at upgrade LV2 and automatically triggers a combo once after using her ultimate skill.


Yamazaki is a pure DPS unit through and through, thanks to his access to skill effects that boosts his crit chance and crit damage - both of which can be stacked multiple times. This makes him easily a straightforward DPS machine.

His Metal Stream skill allows him to attack the units behind his target, with a chance to ignite it. Ignited enemies suffers from extra burn damage based on the ultimate damage. This skill also restores a bit of energy to Yamazaki. At upgrade LV2, the skill also increases Yamazaki’s Crit Chance, stackable up to 5 times. At LV3, his damage is boosted by 15% while his Crit Damage gets boosted by 10%, stackable up to 10 times.

Yamazaki’s passive, Quick Counterblow, allows him to deal extra damage to the enemy backline whenever he lands a critical hit. At upgrade LV2, this passive gives him a chance to knock back enemies, and at LV3, his damage is boosted by 25% while also healing himself equal to half of the damage he dealt upon the target.

Figure Fantasy

Best Militarists

This is a ranged class that can deal damage to enemies from the safety of the backline. They don’t have much health (in exchange for having exceptional attack stats) so don’t place them anywhere near enemies.


Kamille has access to Lock effects which prevents enemies from taking action until they get damaged. While this doesn’t allow him to completely dominate the field through infinite lockdowns, the status effect is capable enough of disrupting the enemy’s flow in battle, which your team can easily take advantage of.

His Twilight Doom skill deals damage to all locked enemies. At LV2, Kamille’s ultimate power is increased for each locked enemy which can be stacked and will be removed after unleashing his ultimate. At upgrade LV3, the skill’s damage is boosted by 50% and extends the duration of locked enemies by 2 seconds.

Kamille’s passive, “Solar Corona” locks a backline enemy after the battle starts and a chance to lock it after it unleashes a skill. The locked enemy gets damaged when the “locked” status is removed. At upgrade LV2, a locked enemy gets damaged passively per second. At LV3, the duration of the “lock” effect at the start of the battle and triggered “locks” get extended.

Lu Bu

Lu Bu is capable of dealing massive damage to several enemies at once, while also boosting his own damage. His bread and butter is his Ether Halberd skill that attacks the target and its surrounding allies. At upgrade LV2 and LV3, the skill’s damage is boosted while also increasing Lu Bu’s attack speed for each enemy hit. This effect can be stacked as well.

His Passive, Tiger’s Valor allows him to deal damage to all enemies whenever an ally activates his/her ultimate. At upgrade LV2, 5 energy is restored whenever the effect is triggered; at upgrade LV3, the skill restores energy to Lu Bu and his attacker.

Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku is a recent addition to the game. Her notable gimmick is her “Cheering State”, that gets activated by her passive skill, Friendship Etude. This allows her to leave the battlefield at the start of the battle and re-position in the sideline, outside the active battle area. She can’t be attacked by enemies but will still be affected by allied bufffs. She will not take up any grids in the field but will count towards the 5-figurine limit before deployment. Harriet works well with Miku since she can summon two additional allied units on the field.

While in a Cheering State, Miku has a chance to perform a combo attack whenever an ally performs a basic attack. This allows her to deal consistent damage even when she’s outside the field. At upgrade LV2, she’ll have the chance to trigger combo attacks when an allied summoned unit performs a basic attack. At LV3, she’ll be able to leave a hologram as a decoy when she leaves the battlefield.

Miku’s Stage of Freedom skill allows her to attack 3 random enemies every second for a short duration; the skill also allows her to deal increased damage to enemy summoned units. At upgrade LV2, she gains increased damage for every allied figurine or summoned unit. At LV3, she has a chance to trigger the dance attack whenever an allied summoned unit is created.


Zarola is a reliable ranged DPS that enjoys damage boost effects whenever she inflicts damage or whenever an ally or enemy is defeated. Her Obliteration skill attacks enemies in a straight line randomly. If an enemy is hit more than once, she deals 20% more damage for every hit. At upgrade LV2, this skill’s damage is boosted by 15%; if there are no more enemies left before landing 4 hits, the remaining hits will be converted to 15 energy each. The LV3 upgrade is a straight 20% damage boost.

Her passive increases her damage whenever an enemy is defeated. At upgrade LV2, she detonates and damages all enemies when she receives lethal damage. Upgrade LV3 increases the damage stack even more, which is triggered whenever an ally or enemy is defeated.

Figure Fantasy

Best Specialist

This is another ranged class that can deal outstanding long-range damage while also providing buffs to allies and debuffs to enemies. Like the vanguard, specialist skills don’t follow a theme so consider including one to your team if your team will benefit from its skills or for Brand Image activation.

Ihrendts Ember

Inhrendts kit revolves around providing support and buffs to allies so she should be a supporter unit instead of a specialist. Nevertheless, she has access to potent support spells that your team can take advantage of.

Her Dragon Spark is a powerful attack that damages all enemies in a straight line, while healing her teammates based on a portion of the damage this attack dealt to enemies. At upgrade LV2, the skill also restores energy to all teammates and finally at LV3, this skill also heals her.

Her passive, Budding Sprout, applies a Seed of Healing buff to allies with the lowest HP, allowing them to replenish HP whenever they inflict basic attack damage. At upgrade LV2, the Seed of Healing’s duration is increased to 10s while boosting the buffed unit’s ATK and DEF. At LV3, the seed’s duration is further increased and allows the buffed unit to replenish its HP whenever it unleashes an ultimate.


Harriet can summon two allied units (Red and Blue Bomber) on the field whenever she uses her Air Drop skill. These summoned units’ ATK and max HP scales off Harriet’s ATK and HP stats. She’s a perfect partner with Hatsune Miku since that figurine works with allied summoned units.

Once their energy is full these creatures will self-detonate; the red bomber deals AoE damage while the blue bomber deals damge to a single target. The higher these bombers’ remaining HP and shield when they detonate, the higher the damage. At upgrade LV2, all allied figurines and summoned creatures gain a damage boost whenever the bombers self-detonate. At LV3, the Red Bomber gets an increased initial energy and the Blue Bomber gets an HP buff.

Her passive, Smoke Grenade, allows Harriet to throw a blinding smoke grenade every 10 seconds. At upgrade LV2, the skill also restores energy to all figurines under the same faction. At LV3, Harriet will be able to use the skill every 8 seconds and will restore additional energy to all figurines and summoned units from the same faction.

Xantha Kaine

Xantha’s main strength lies in her ultimate skill, Terrensir Chant that casts a Divine Light on the target. A portion of the damage dealt to the target will be duplicated and turned into Divinity Damage. This damage will be inflicted to the same target again once the Divine Light vanishes. Divinity Damage is a special effect that ignores the target’s shield; however, it’s damage can’t be boosted by any other means.

At upgrade LV2, the skill becomes a powerful crowd-control attack. If the target is defeated when Divine Light status is active, 200% of the damage that’s duplicated will be dealt to all enemies, divided equally and stunning them for 1 second. At LV3, a higher percentage of the damage dealt to the target will be duplicated while also reducing its energy once the Divine Light vanishes.

Her passive skill, “Transcendence”, further enhances her ultimate skill. The default effect allows her to launch a single attack on a target at the start of the battle or after getting revived, dealing continuous damage every second until it dies. This effect can’t be removed by purification. At upgrade LV2, this damage-over-time is boosted 3x while Divine Light is active. At upgrade LV3, this effect automatically gets transferred to the next target once the current target is defeated.


Sani is another specialist with a good balance of offense and support skills. Her passive skill, “Abracadabra”, deals frost damage to 3 random enemies while applying the Frost status at the start of battle. Frost status makes the target lose HP every second while ignoring its DEF. The target’s ATK speed also gets reduced. At upgrade LV2, all enemies’ frost resistance is reduced until the battle ends. At LV3, this skill’s effect gets applied to all enemies.

Figure Fantasy

Best Helpers

A ranged class that focuses mainly on providing support to allies by using heals or party-wide buffs. They have the ability to enhance all surrounding allies so placing them in the middle of the formation will allow you to maximize their support range.

Zhuge Liang

Zhuge Liang doesn’t heal teammates but provides them with offensive buffs in the form of Crit Chance and Crit Damage buffs. His passive skill, “Sky Lantern”, boosts his and his adjacent allies’ Crit Chance. The skill also hooks a Kongming lantern which allows them to survive a lethal blow once then receive a shield that lasts for 10 seconds. The shield’s strength scales off Zhuge Liang’s ATK stat. At LV2, this skill also boosts allies’ crit damage and at LV3, all allies’ energy is restored whenever a Kongming Lantern is hooked to them.

Zhuge Liang’s ultimate skill is no joke either. “Wind Rite” is a skill that changes the weather in the battlefield to “east wind”. While this east wind is blowing all enemies get reduced HP restoration and any enemy defeated while the wind is active will explode and deal AoE damage. At upgrade LV2, extra burn damage is applied to ignited enemies while the wind is active. At LV3, the eastern wind effect gets an extended duration and enables all allied critical hits to ignite enemies (thus taking advantage of the LV2 upgrade)


Zephyr is an outstanding helper - possibly the best one in the game. Her ultimate skill, “Azure Promise”, heals the entire party while also restoring a bit of energy for each teammate. The amount of HP health will scale off Zephyr’s HP stat. At upgrade LV2, the HP restoration and energy regeneration is improved, along with the ability to apply Frost to two random enemies. Frosted enemies lose HP every second and as well as reduce their ATK speed. LV3 is a straightforward upgrade that further improves her healing effectiveness and energy restoration.

Zephyr’s passive skill, “Moonlight Snow”, boosts the ultimate power of all adjacent allies. At upgrade LV2, this passive also restores 2 energy to all adjacent allies every second. Finally at LV3, allies’ ultimate power is further increased.


Erikzia’s Magic Barrier skill links all party members and shares 70% of the damage taken for a brief period of time. While linked, they can recover HP when attacking and their accuracy stat is boosted. At upgrade LV2, all linked allies will gain a crit damage boost whenever an enemy unleashes a skill. This effect can be stacked and will last until the battle ends. LV3 is a lackluster upgrade, just extending the link duration for 3 more seconds.

Her support passive, Violet Phantom, boosts the DEF of adjacent allies at the start of the battle. This scales off to Erizkia’s support bonus stats. At upgrade LV2, supported allies have a chance to restore a bit of energy when attacked. The LV3 upgrade increases the DEF buff provided by the passive skill and increases the chance of energy restoration.

We hope you find this tier list useful. Even if it becomes outdated when new characters are introduced, having the characters listed here will still carry your party in the long run as you clear more of the game’s content.

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