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Parts (Equipment) Guide

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Figure Fantasy is a figurine-themed gacha idle mobile game where you collect various figurines that have a life of their own. Rarity and skills aside, giving your figurines parts or equipment will further improve their combat capacity. In our Parts (Equipment) Guide, we will discuss this process and how it can help enhance your favorite figurines even further.

What are Parts

Parts are the figurines’ equipment. To access your figurine’s Parts option, go to the Home screen > tap Figurine > Figurine Care > Parts tab. There are a total of 8 parts that you can equip to a figurine, but mostly, you’ll only be able to equip 6 common parts (head, body, leg, hand, feet, accessory). The other two parts (Adornment and Badges) can be hard to come by so give them only to your favorite figurines.
Parts (Equipment) Guide

Upgrading Parts

Some parts can be upgraded to further increase their stats. You can only upgrade them up to their level cap. You can use other parts or special items called Care Skill manuals as fodder. Every 3 levels, a random prefix is upgraded. Furthermore, using parts that are below Mythic rarity and have been previously enhanced will be able to transfer their entire EXP to the target part. When using Mythic parts, only 60% of their EXP is transferred instead.
Parts (Equipment) Guide

Set Effects

Some parts can also activate Set effects once you have 2 and 4 pieces of parts belonging to a Set. Any Set effect active will be displayed in the “Set Property” section of the Parts screen. Basically, you can have up to 3 set effects active. These effects will only remain active as long as the figurine has the parts equipped.
Parts (Equipment) Guide


These are special backdrops added to a figurine, providing it with bonus stats. Additional effects are also added like new background music or visual effects during battles.
Parts (Equipment) Guide


These are special parts that provide bonus effects and stat bonuses once equipped. Only one Badge can be equipped to a figurine at a time. Some badges can be used by any figurine while others might have class or brand restrictions. Badges can be upgraded by using another badge of the same time as fodder. For each level up, the badge’s skill level is increased by 3. You can collect additional badges by clearing Final Battle stages or getting them directly from the Official Merch - Club Store”.
Parts (Equipment) Guide

Farming Additional Parts

You can get additional parts by clearing story missions or farming them repeatedly in the The Big Three battle mode. You can instantly get new parts by using the Sweep method from stages that you have previously completed.
Parts (Equipment) Guide

Easier Part Management

As you get more figurines, it will be hard to manage their equipment individually. Thankfully, you can use the Quick Equip feature or the Equipment Set menu accessible via the Bag option. Always keep your figurines’ equipment updated to make sure they have the best possible gear whenever needed.
Parts (Equipment) Guide

This concludes our Parts (Equipment) Guide for Figure Fantasy. For more Figure Fantasy content, please check out our other pages within this guide.

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