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How to Obtain Diamonds

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How to Obtain Diamonds

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Figure Fantasy is a figurine-themed gacha idle mobile game where you collect various figurines that have a life of their own. Of course, as a gacha game, one of the main focuses of the game is to collect different figurines and try to own the best ones to help build your team to help clear the game’s various contents. In our Diamond Farming Guide, we will discuss the various methods of earning and collecting this premium currency.

Diamonds Uses

Diamonds are the premium currency in the game, which is primarily used in purchasing FULI boxes (summon new figurines). You can also use diamonds in the following, to name a few.
1. Resetting your figurine’s Letter and Upgrade levels.
2. Adding new figurine slots
3. Expanding Parts Bag slots
4. Exchange for Fish Bones (used as entry tickets to Sacred Tour stages)
5. Refresh Photoshoot missions

Where to obtain Diamonds

Thankfully, the game isn’t that stingy about diamonds. There’s a lot of different sources where you can get this premium currency, and you’ll have more than enough to afford several pulls to get Ultra-rank figurines to make up your team - even if you’re F2P (free-to-play).
How to Obtain Diamonds

Take note that you can collect more diamonds by playing the game regularly so if you’re not willing to spend, play daily, complete quests, and participate in events to maximize the amount of rewards you’ll get.

1. Complete daily and weekly tasks
2. Clear Main Story missions
3. Claim Daily Sign-in Rewards
4. Participate in event tasks and missions.
5. Clear certain photoshoot missions
6. Other uncommon one-off sources (like sharing screenshots to social media)

The quickest way of course is by purchasing diamonds from the shop; which is not advisable unless you’re planning to play the game regularly for a long time or if you want to instantly obtain diamonds at the shortest amount of time. If you’ll be spending real money, we always highly encourage players to spend wisely and responsibly.

If you’re just after the diamonds, you can consider buying the Honor VIP subscription. Upon buying, you’ll get 980 diamonds outright, and you’ll also get 400 diamonds daily (along with other rewards) for 30 days, which will earn you 12000 diamonds. This VIP subscription costs 4.99 USD for the first order but its regular price is 15 USD. It’s a good deal for low spending players.
How to Obtain Diamonds

This concludes our Diamon Farming Guide for Figure Fantasy. For more Figure Fantasy content, please check out our other pages within this guide.

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