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Combat Basics

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Figure Fantasy is a figurine-themed gacha idle mobile game where you collect various figurines that have a life of their own. Combat is also an integral part of the Figure Fantasy’s gameplay. Figurines come with different roles and specialties and you’ll need to form a team based on these factors in order to have an effective party to help you progress through various quests and content. In our Combat Basics Guide, we will quickly discuss how the game’s combat system works to get you started.


Figure Fantasy’s combat is quite straightforward. You can deploy up to 5 figurines on the field, each with their own role and combat style. Generally, you’ll want your tanks up front, your healer/support in the middle, and your glass cannons in the rear. Thankfully, there’s no range limitation so all your figures can attack any enemy on the field. You also have the freedom to rearrange your figurines before starting the battle.

The team formation still matters since you’ll need to consider the Brand Countering mechanic, which is the game’s rock-paper-scissors system, as well as the Brand Image (party buff). (See below.)
Combat Basics

Before starting the battle, you can also tinker with your deployed figurines’ equipment by tapping the Parts icon in the lower-right corner of the screen. This is quite useful especially if you want to activate part set bonuses that will further improve the figurines’ stats.
Combat Basics

Brand Countering

This is the game’s rock-paper-scissors system where one brand can deal 25% more damage to another brand they’re strong against. There are five brands in the game; three make up the rock-paper-scissor trio while the other two are strong against each other. Consider carefully selecting the figurines you’ll deploy especially if you’re having problems clearing a stage. You can also mitigate this system a bit by taking advantage of the Brand Image system (see below) to apply buffs and brute-forcing your way by power-leveling.
Combat Basics

Brand Image

This is a team-wide buff that will remain active as long as you meet the specified activation requirements. There are five different buffs available, which all depend on the brand of the figurines deployed in the field. Since it may be challenging to get a full team of useful figurines from the same brand, at least try to aim for the Brand One buff which only requires 3 figurines of the same brand to get that helpful 10% boost to Attack and Health.
Combat Basics


The game allows you to activate auto-combat and even speed up the battle so that your figurines fight on their own without your intervention. During auto-combat, your figurines will activate their skills and ultimates automatically as well so you don’t need to do anything. You can further optimize the battle by disabling the ultimate attack animations.
Combat Basics

This concludes our Combat Basics Guide for Figure Fantasy. For more Figure Fantasy content, please check out our other pages within this guide.

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