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Blind Box (Gacha System) Guide

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Figure Fantasy is a figurine-themed gacha idle mobile game where you collect various figurines that have a life of their own. Of course, as a gacha game, one of the main focuses of the game is to collect different figurines and try to own the best ones to help build your team to help clear the game’s various contents. In our Blind Box Guide, we will discuss how the game’s gacha system works and how to properly manage your resources.

The game’s gacha system is called Blind Box. There are different banners or categories available, each with their own special gimmick but will sometimes share the same pool of characters. The common currency for pulling are Diamonds - these are premium currency that can be acquired in limited numbers by doing in-game tasks or buying them outright with real money. There are also other currencies that you can use like vouchers, cards, or coupons that you can also earn in-game by completing various tasks or participating in events.
Blind Box (Gacha System) Guide

First, let’s learn about the different figurine rarities. These are color-coded for easier visual identification.

Pity System

The Pity System basically gives you a guaranteed ultra/gold figurine if you didn’t get one after a certain number of pulls. The pity rate might vary from banner to banner so let’s use the In Stock (Permanent) Banner’s pity rate, as we’ll discuss below.

For each blind box you buy that doesn’t contain an ultra/gold figurine, the rate of getting one increases. (The default draw rate is 4.22%) As you continue buying blind boxes, the rate will continuously increase.If you’re still unable to get any gold figurine on your further attempts, you’re guaranteed to get one on your 30th pull. However, if you’re lucky enough to get a gold figurine before you reach the “hard pity” limit of 30 pulls, the pity rate will reset back to 0 or the default 4.22% chance.

Limited Banners

As their name goes, these are banners that will feature limited characters with an increased drop rate. There’s also a duration tied to the banner, meaning that once the period is over, the banner will be gone - alongside progress to its bonus/achievement reward gauge. The cost for pulling 1 box in limited banners is 300 diamonds though you’ll get a 10% discount when pulling for 10 boxes, which will cost you 2700 diamonds instead. It’s highly recommended to go for a 10-pull to maximize your resources.

Limited Banners also a bonus reward gauge that gets filled up slowly as you pull for boxes. The bonus rewards that you’ll get will vary from banner to banner. If you want to check what bonus items are in store for you, just tap the gauge to reveal the rewards down the line. Due to their temporary nature, it’s only natural to prioritize pulling for limited characters, especially if they pique your interest or if they’re potentially powerful. This gauge also serves as a pity gauge, which guarantees you to get the featured character as you buy more boxes.
Blind Box (Gacha System) Guide

In Stock (Permanent)

This is the game’s permanent banner, with no duration. Every 10 pulls guarantees a super/purple figurine or higher. Current limited characters are not included in the pool of possible figurines that you can get; however, characters from previous limited banners might be included in future updates.

This banner also features a Wishlist system, which allows you to select up to 5 figurines per brand that you want to get. You’ll have a higher chance of getting the selected figurines in the Wishlist though the overall rate of the ultra/gold figurine drop rate (4.22%) won’t be affected.
Blind Box (Gacha System) Guide

This banner also allows you to use Super Blind Box coupons instead of diamonds. You can get these coupons from completing various in-game tasks or rewards. Try to avoid using diamonds when pulling in this banner as it’s better used in Limited event banners.

Brand Exclusive Banners

This is the banner where the featured brand and figurine refreshes at certain intervals. You can enable the Rate Up option to increase the chance of getting the featured character. The only caveat when pulling in this banner is that it includes non-figure rewards like gold, box pieces, badges, parts, etc. Furthermore, you can only use FULI Wish vouchers that you can earn from clearing chapters, buying from the FULI Store - Montly Limited, and buying stage clear packs.
Blind Box (Gacha System) Guide

This concludes our Blind Box (Gacha) Guide for Figure Fantasy. For more Figure Fantasy content, please check out our other pages within this guide.

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