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Figure Fantasy is a figurine-themed gacha idle mobile game where you collect various figurines that have a life of their own. Figurines come in different rarities and star ratings. Thankfully, you can improve these ratings through Promotion. In our Figure Promotion guide, we will discuss this process and how it can help enhance your favorite figurines even further.

Promotion is the process of improving a figure’s rarity, permanently improving its stats. Promoting a unit will require “using” up two figures of the same rarity as materials/fodder. The good thing about this is that you don’t need to use the same exact copy of the figurine you’re trying to promote. The parts or upgrade materials spent on the material figurines you’ve used will be completely refunded.

Figure Promotion

If you have a lot of figurines, you can use the Quick Promote function. This will allow the game to automatically select the valid figurines that can be promoted and the proper material figurines to be used. Additionally, you can also perform a manual promotion by selecting a figurine that you want to promote, then manually selecting the material figurines that will be used to promote the unit.

Figure Promotion

Once units reach certain promotion levels, they’ll unlock their Collector Stands. Equipping these stands will provide additional stat bonuses. Some figurines even have Limited Stands, which will provide even higher stat boosts.

Figure Promotion

Promotion can also be used as means of freeing up your figurine slots so always promote units and consider prioritizing to promote your main figurines to give them an edge in combat.

This concludes our Figure Promotion guide for Figure Fantasy. For more Figure Fantasy content, please check out our other pages within this guide.

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