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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

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This is our guide to Chapter 7 of Dream Escape, another mysterious escape room game from Jusha.

The ship was attacked by a giant sea creature and you have managed to escape to a submarine.
Chapter 7

Notice there is a light on the top left.
In the center by the round hatch is a switch with a light symbol. View this area and tap this to turn off the lights.
Chapter 7
Note the pair of symbols on the hatch.
Then tap a panel on the top left where the light was on. Tap the bulb to remove it.
Chapter 7

Now on the top right is a lamp shade, view this. There is a broken bulb in it.
Remove the broken bulb and add the one you have collected.
Chapter 7

Then view the hatch area again and turn the light switch back on.
Once done view the lamp shade with the working light bulb again to see a clue.
Chapter 7

Below and to the left of the light is a panel on the wall. View this.
Chapter 7

Collect a periscope handle.
Above the dials is a clue. The sign prohibiting drinking, smoking, etc. Note the arrow on the left.

Now view the periscope, the green tube top center.
Add the handles to it and you can then look through.
Chapter 7
You see the ship and the monster. Note the clues in red.
Chapter 7

View the green box on the left of the scene under where the broken bulb was.
Chapter 7

At the top you will see 3 dials with red lines. And an arrow.
Hint: Use the clue above to set the dials.
Solution: Copy the red lines from the warning sign but invert them as the arrow is the other way up.Show
Code: / | \Show
Collect a portfolio, view this and open it to find a paper with clues. Note the pair of symbols.
Chapter 7

Below the three dials is a grid of 9 squares.
Chapter 7

Hint: you need to tap these in the correct order.
Solution: Check the clue on the lamp shade for the order 1 to 9.Show
Collect detergent

View the panel on the left where the light bulb was, it is dirty.
Use the detergent on it.
You will see a clue, the ship and symbols on the top right.
Chapter 7

Go back to the lower cabinet on the left to see a larger grid puzzle.
Chapter 7
Hint: Move the pairs of outlines up and down to make them highlight the correct symbols from the clues above.
Solution: Left - second from the top, Middle - second from the bottom, Right - third from the top.Show
You can then collect a valve.

View the round hatch again and you can place the valve on the lower left. This lets you turn off the steam.
Collect a towel from the lower left and then open the hatch to go through to the next room. A crew cabin.
Chapter 7

Tap the bunk on the to left to view it, collect a Guillotine handle.
Chapter 7

Then tap the exit on the far left to move into a dining area.
Chapter 7

View the table.
Chapter 7
Collect the small bowl.
Add the handle to the guillotine to lift the blade and collect a Hacksaw.

Now tap to view the seat on the left.
Chapter 7
Tap the center seat to lift it and collect a triangle block
Use the towel on the stain on the left to clean it and see a clue. Blue VShow

On the top right wall there is a puzzle.
Chapter 7
Hint: use the arrows to move the pentagon sliders around the board to reach the orange dots. You will control the purple one and the orange one will mirror the movements (down = up, left = right)
Solution: the dots in the squares represent how many sides of the square the lines made can pass. So for a square with 1 dot the slider can only move past it on one side. For 2 dots it moves past 2 sides, etc.
Solution: Up one more to complete.
Chapter 7

Collect chocolate.
Note the clue Red IIIShow

Back out to the crew cabin and use the hacksaw on the top right pipes. This will open another bunk. And you will collect a steel pipe.

Now view a box on the lower right bunk. Use the steel pipe on the hole to break it open.
Collect a photo.
Chapter 7

View the top left bunk again and add the photo to the photo frame.
Then view the top right bunk.
Chapter 7
Collect the magnet. Note the clue, II seen in the green square in the mirror.

Now view the metal grill in the floor bottom center.
Chapter 7

Use the magnet on this to collect a Torpedo hatch key.

You can now view the door at the far end and use the key to open it.
Go through to the Torpedo room.
Chapter 7

Note the white IV on the top right.
View the fire on the right.
Chapter 7

Use the towel to collect the half pliers from the flames.
Combine the small bowl with the chocolate then place it on the top of the fire. The chocolate melts and you can collect this.
Note the clue on the top left. The arrangement of symbols.

Back out to the first room. On the right wall at the bottom is a green box. View this.
Chapter 7
Hint: this puzzle has the same symbols as the clue above.
Solution: move the symbols to match the clue in the torpedo room.
Chapter 7

You can then collect the other half of the pliers, and a round block.
Chapter 7
Combine the 2 halves of the pliers and then use them to cut the red wire from the box.
Notice also the yellow line '1' on the right.

Go back to the crew cabin and view the bunk on the top right.
Add the chocolate to the square container on the bed. Then collect the square block.
Now view the top left bunk. Tap on the box.
Chapter 7

Add the 3 block you have to the slots on top to open it and collect a coin.

Now go through to the torpedo room again and view the panel on the wall just to the left of the torpedo hatches.
Chapter 7
Use the coin on this to remove the cover and collect a fuse.

Go back to the control room.
Now view the panel on the right of the hatch again with the dials and the warning sign.
First add the fuse to the slot above the B dial
Then on the top left is a set of wires.
Chapter 7

Add the red wire to it. There are 5 buttons below. Tap this in the correct order.
Solution: You have found clues above with roman numerals in different colors. Follow these.Show
Order: Yellow, Green, Red, White, BlueShow
The panel now has power.
Chapter 7

You can now set the 3 hands on the dial top center using the 3 square buttons.
Hint: check the paper from the envelope for a clue.
Solution: On the paper you have B - A + C = D, check the positions on the A,B and C dials and set the hands accordingly.Show
Solution: Chapter 7Show

The panel is working and you can set a value using the keypad below.
Chapter 7
You need to enter a distance to the target to hit. Use the periscope to see the target and the clue on the paper to work out a distance.
Solution: x= 17.32Show
Enter this and tap the lever on the right to fire.

Check the periscope, It is a hit but now the monster is attacking. The submarine is flooding.
Move to the crew cabin and a Note paper has floated up in the center. Collect this and view it for a clue.
Chapter 7
Chapter 7

Go through to the torpedo room and tap the box in the center to view the code lock.
Chapter 7
Note the clue with the X's
Solution: Check the paper clue above. draw in the missing lines from each set of X's to make a number.Show
Code: 7394Show

You will collect diving suits.
The sub will flood and you will escape to the seabed. There is a plane wreck.
Chapter 7

Under the plane is a spiky shell, view this area, collect a stone from the right.
Chapter 7

Now tap on the round section near the center to see this puzzle. Collect from the lower left an iron piece.
Chapter 7

Next Tap to view the small pink coral on the right of the plane.
Collect from the left a dark green square.
Chapter 7

Then view the larger coral on the far right. Collect a sponge.
Chapter 7

Now tap on the cockpit window of the plane.
Chapter 7

Use the stone on this to break it and go inside.
Chapter 7
Note the clue KT - 84
Collect a search light from the bottom center. Then tap on the joystick on the lower central panel.
Chapter 7

Use the iron piece on this to undo screws and collect the rocker (joystick).

Now view the right side window to see a green stain.
Use the sponge on this to clean it and reveal a clue.
Chapter 7

Exit the plane and view the round section in the center again.
Use the clue above to compete the puzzle.
Set: 3 1 4 2 5Show
Collect a winch

Combine the winch with the joystick. Then tap on the coral on the far right to view it again.
Use the complete winch on this to move the coral and reveal a cave entrance.
Enter the cave, it is dark. Use the search light to let you see.
Chapter 7

View the wet suit on the left.
Chapter 7

Collect a yellow square from behind the shoulder. And then a knob from the right side of the helmet.
Note the clue, WQ-47
Also note the symbols on the front of the helmet.

Tap to view the cave wall just to the right of the wet suit, there is a clue here in the form of arrows.
There are 4 lines of arrows.
Chapter 7

Next collect a green square from the ground on the right.
Then tap the cave wall above this on the right.
Chapter 7

Use the stone on the vines on the right to cut and collect them.
Note the stars on the left.

Top center of the cave is a crack, view this.
Collect some gel from the hole.
Chapter 7

Now tap the opening at the back to go through to a camp area.
Chapter 7

Tap the tent to look inside. There are 4 sleeping bags.
Chapter 7

Note the pattern/direction of the lines on the 4 sleeping bags.
View the one that is closed. Tap to unzip it and then collect a broken key.
Chapter 7

Then from the bag to the right collect a bomb shell.

Exit the tent. On the lower right of the scene is a small generator. View this.
Chapter 7

Collect a Dark blue square from the left. And an 'Incomplete Circle' from underneath.
Note the clue EF - 13

Move to the next area on the right. There is some sort of scientific equipment here. A laboratory.
Chapter 7

First view the bench at the back with equipment on.
Note the clue on the scales on the left FA - 37
Chapter 7

Next view the large green tanks on the left of the room.
Chapter 7
At the bottom is a panel with 3 stars.
Hint: rotate the stars to match a clue found in the cave entrance.
Solution: point the green sections to where the green lights are on the clue on the wall. Tap the first one once, the second one twice and the third one 3 times.Show
Collect a lunch box.

Then on the floor on the right view a trap, collect a broken pen.
Chapter 7

Back out to the camp area. View the cabinet at the back on the right and collect a blue square from the right.
Chapter 7

On the right door is a code lock. Check the clues below it.
Solution: the 4 symbols will refer to clues found above. In each case there is a number.
Generator + Wet Suit = 13 + 47 = 60
Plane - Scale = 84 - 37 = 47

Code: 6047Show

Collect the packet with AN and a key

Exit the cave to the plane and view the spiky shell on the seabed again.
Use the pen to prise this open and collect a key.
Chapter 7

Now enter the cockpit again and view the box on the bottom left. Note the clue on the box, use the matching key to open it and collect a fire sickle.
Chapter 7

Next tap the screen in the center of the console.
Add the knob to the right and tap it to turn it on. You will see flashing lights, this is a clue.
Sequence: Yellow Green Red Orange.Show

Finally view the right hand side of the console to see the digit display.
Chapter 7
Hint: you can swipe the yellow dots to draw lines on the segments.
Solution: Follow the arrow instructions found in the cave, ie the first one is right, down , down. This makes a 7. Final code is 7021
Chapter 7

Note the symbol on the bottom right.

Go back into the cave and through to the camp area.
View the cabinet on the back right again, the left door has a code lock. Note the symbol on the door.
Chapter 7
Use the code found above to open this 7021Show
Collect the 3 colored bottles.

Now move to the laboratory / back room
Tap to view the chair in the center.
Chapter 7
Remove the sheet and then tap to view the book. There are clues.
Note the 4 colors and the numbers.
Chapter 7

Next tap the curtained area on the back left.
Open the curtain and tap to view the examination chair. Note the clue on the back wall.
Chapter 7
Collect an empty jar from the chair.

View the work bench at the back again and use the key to open the drawer.
Collect a portfolio.

View the smaller device in the center with 4 striped circles.
Chapter 7
Hint: you can tap to rotate these.
Solution: Copy the direction of lines from the 4 sleeping bags in the tent.Show
Directions: | / - \Show
Collect an Orange square

Now view the rock on the right of the room.
Chapter 7
Collect an umbrella from the left and a red square from the right.

Back out to the camp area and view the large chest by the tent.
Chapter 7
Add the 7 squares shapes you have to start the puzzle.
Place all the shapes into the gaps.
Solution: Chapter 7Show

Collect a 'coil' and 'course bread'.
Enter the tent. Under the left sleeping bag is a locked box. Note the word Over.
Chapter 7
View the portfolio that you have, open it to see a page with smudges.
Chapter 7

Use the course bread on this to clean it, you can then read a clue. Note the word over again.
Solution: OVER = 5 notice that the roman numeral V is in OVER. Look for more roman numerals in the other words.
EIGHT = 1 (I), SEVEN = 5 (V), SIX = 9 (IX), FIVE = 4 (IV)

Enter the code 1594Show to open the box and collect a half statue.

Next view the generator again.
Add the coil to the circle on the side and it will start working.

Next view the top left corner above the tent to see a hanging 'weird necklace', use the umbrella to collect it.
Note the clue on the wall.
Chapter 7

This completes part 1. Move on to Chapter 7 - Part 2

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