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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

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This is our guide to Chapter 2 of Dream Escape, another mysterious escape room game from Jusha.
After exploring the old house in Chapter 1 you have made your way to Arkham to meet with a stranger.

Chapter 2

From the street collect a walking stick. And an Alarm Clock.
Then to the right in front of the doors is a sign board. Tap this to see a puzzle.
Solve this by rotating the pieces to make a picture.
Chapter 2
Collect some scissors

Tap to view the drain on the left and note the clue written above it.
Chapter 2
Then tap to view the door to the shop on the right. there is another clue written there.
Chapter 2

On the top left is a ladder hanging down. Tap to view this and then use the walking stick on it to pull it down.
You can now access the second floor.
Chapter 2

Use the scissors on the rope tied across the balcony. You will collect the rope.
View the door on the left.
Chapter 2

Tap the top of the pattern glass on the door to view the grey circle.
You will first see a hand and then when you look again there will be another clue.
Chapter 2

Finally tap to view the keypad lock on the door.
Chapter 2

We can now solve the clue on the lock of the door from the clues found above.
Drain: diamond +1 = heart +5 => diamond - heart = 4
Shop Door: Spade + Spade = Club
House door: Spade ^ 2 = Club
Spade = 2, Club = 4
Lock = (diamond - heart) ^ Spade x Club
4^2 x 4 = 64

Tap 64Show and a card will fall, collect this.

Go back down to the street and tap to view the gate on the far right to see a note stuck to it.
Chapter 2

Place the card onto this to highlight 4 letters.
Now tap on the lamp post near the center to find a 4 letter code entry.
Chapter 2
Enter the letters found above.,

Collect an Iron Hook
Combine the hook with the rope and then view the drain again
Use the hook rope here to collect a key.
Chapter 2

View the building doors on the left and use the key to open then.
Enter the building.
Chapter 2

From the table in front collect a lighter with out oil.
Then tap to view a canister on the floor to the left next to the sink.
Chapter 2

Tap the 4 circle segments to rotate them and open the center panel.
Collect a Cup with kerosene.
Combine this with the lighter to get a usable lighter.

Tap on the wall to the left to view the poster of the cow.
Chapter 2

Complete this jigsaw puzzle by placing the parts on the cow diagram.
Collect a blade.

On the top left wall is a vent, view this.
Chapter 2
Use the blade to open it and collect a button battery and a fish bone.
Chapter 2

View the alarm clock in the inventory and add the button battery to it, make a note of the time.
Chapter 2Show

Now tap to view the red cash register to the right of the window.
Chapter 2
Enter the code from the clock 2137Show.
Collect a hammer (head)

On the table below the cow is a set of scales. You can place the different items on the scales to measure their relative weights.
Chapter 2

On the right of the room is a large cupboard. This has a 6 digit lock
Chapter 2

Hint: The clue is the same items as those on the scales. Some of the values for them are fixed.
Solution: use the scales to work out the value of the other itemsShow
Code: 624 351Show
Collect the Sulfur

On the floor on the bottom right next to the cupboard is a bowl. View this.
Chapter 2

Add the Sulfur to it and then use the lighter to light it.
Some symbols will appear.
Chapter 2Show

Now tap on the drawer on the front of the table on the right. This has a 4 symbol lock.
Use the symbols found above to open it.

Collect a fan

View the bowl again and use the fan on it to blow the fumes towards the mouse.
The mouse leaves and you can collect a Knob

Exit the building and view the post box between the 2 doors.
Add the know to open it and collect a wooden stick.
Chapter 2

Combine this with the hammer (head) to make a claw hammer (staple).

Go back in the shop and view the window. Use the hammer to remove the boards.
You will collect these.
Chapter 2

Go back up to the second floor and tap on the ladder on the right. It is broken
Use the boards on the ladder to fix it. you can now go up to the third floor.
Chapter 2

Collect the stool from the left and then place it on the right under the high shelf.
You can now collect the bottle of herbicide from the shelf.
Now view the plant on the wall on the far left.
Chapter 2

Add the herbicide to it to make it die back and you can collect a Rocker.

Go back down to the street and view the gate on the right again.
Add the joystick to the slot on the left and tap to switch it. The gate opens.
There is an entrance to a bar.
Chapter 2

Collect a broom from the right of the door and then tap to view the rug in front of the door.
Collect the tweezers from under the corner.
Chapter 2

Next tap on the pipes at the top,just left of center. You will see a fragment item sticking out,
Use the broom to knock it down and collect it.
Chapter 2

Tap the barrel on its side in the bottom left to find this puzzle.
Chapter 2
Hint: spin the center cross and slide the symbols in and out to move them to the correct locations.

Collect the adhesive tape.

On the right of the alley is a cat, view it.
Chapter 2

Give the fish bone to the cat and you can collect a fragment
Tap the plug on the barrel on the left to plug it in and you can then collect a note from the air conditioner.
Chapter 2

On the right of the air conditioner is a panel with a 4 letter code lock.
Hint: check the note you collected for a clue.
Solution: The note shows 2 line drawings with a minus sign. Take the lines on the right away from the lines on the left and then work out the letters that it shows.Show
Code: P I Z ZShow
Collect another fragment

Use the tape on the broken wire next to the plugs. The light turns on and reveals a clue. Remember this.
Chapter 2

Return to the street and enter the shop on the left. Then view the sink.
Chapter 2
Use the tweezers here to collect a fourth fragment.

Now go back up to the 3rd floor.
View the green cabinet in the center and collect the box from the top.
Chapter 2
View the box
Place the 4 fragments onto it. You can then collect a key.

Use the key on the drawer of the cabinet. Collect a coin.
Chapter 2

Go back down to the bar alley and tap on the red phone on the wall.
Chapter 2
Place the coin in the slot and you can then dial a number.
Hint: check the number on the wall opposite with the phone symbol.
Solution: ignore the green segments and put together the red segmentsShow
Number: 6829Show

A card appears, collect this.
Now tap on the bar door and place the card in the slot.
Chapter 2

You can now enter the Bar.
This completes part 1. Please go to Chapter 2 - Part 2.

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