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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

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This is our guide to Chapter 1 of Dream Escape, another mysterious escape room game from Jusha.
In this chapter you make your way to the house from your dreams to investigate and find the source of your recurring nightmares.

This first chapter begins with the option to follow a tutorial of tips to get you started.

Chapter 1

Collect the stick from the front door.
Tap to view the plant pot on the left of the door. Collect from the bush a shovel head.

Select the stick on your inventory and combine it with the shovel head to make a shovel.

Tap the ground to the right of the steps where there is an X mark. Collect some old photos.
View the photo for a clue.
Chapter 1

Now tap to view the lock box to the left of the door. It requires a code.
Chapter 1
Hint: the photo is the clue.
Code: 1932Show

Collect a glass panel.

Now tap on the window on the left of the door to see this pattern of colored dots.
Chapter 1

Place the glace panel on the window.
Now rotate the panel until the drawing of the key on it matches the one on the window. The circles will then highlight 5 colors.

On the rail to the right of the door is a box, view this.
Chapter 1

Hint: It has a circle lock with 5 colored buttons. You can tap them to change the colors.
Solution: Change the colors to match those on the window clue above. Don't worry about the arrows, just copy the color positions.Show

Open the box and collect a key.

Use the key on the front door to open it and then enter the house.
Chapter 1

Tap to view the table in the center with the chess board. Note the dancing figure on the left with the shape for a head.
Chapter 1

Below this on the floor, tap the upturned edge of the rug to see another figure with a different shape.
Chapter 1

On the right is a dog in a bed. tap to view this.
Note the triangle shape on the bed above a silhouette of a dancing figure.
Chapter 1

On the wall above is a picture in a frame, view this, it is covered in dirt but note a second dancing figure with a circle shape.
Chapter 1

Now tap the box next to the chair on the right. It has 4 buttons. The clue is the 4 dancer silhouettes.
Solution: Set the buttons to the correct shapes from the matching dancing figures above.Show
Code: Circle, Triangle, Star, HeartShow

Collect canned dog food.

View the dog again and place the dog food tin in the dog bowl. The dog will move and you can collect a chess piece.

View the chess board again and place the piece on the lower right - black arrow. This is a puzzle.
Hint: tap to rotate the red arrows to make a path for the piece to move to the top left target. Tap the piece to start the moves.
Solution: Chapter 1Show

Collect the key

On the left of the room is a piano with a locked lid.
Chapter 1

Use the key to open this, and view the keyboard.

Solve this puzzle by playing keys, each one you tap will toggle switches above, to an up or down position. Some though will also toggle other switches. You need to move all the switches to the up position.
Chapter 1

Once done collect the wooden stick.

Now tap on the light at the top to see an envelope stuck up there. Use the stick to knock it down and collect it.
Open it to collect a record.
Chapter 1

You can now move to the left to a dining area.
Chapter 1

Collect a cookie mold from the table
Tap the arrow to the right to move to a kitchen area.
Chapter 1

Collect from the left counter a knife and then collect a pot from the stove top on the right.
Tap to view the sink to see the number 80.6 in the back.
Chapter 1

Then tap the green valve just above the sink to view it. Tap to set the 2 dials to the correct settings
Chapter 1
Solution: Set the left to 80 and the right to 0.6Show

Open the top cupboard above the sink and collect a water pipe piece.
Then tap to view below the sink.
Chapter 1

Place the pipe piece to complete the pipe.

Now view the sink again. Turn on the tap and use the pot on the sink to fill it with water.
Chapter 1

Back out to the dining area and tap on the floor to the left to see a sack.
Use the knife on this to cut it open, then collect a closed shell that falls out.
Chapter 1

Look to the kitchen area again and view the stove top.
Place the pot of water on it and tap the button to turn on the heat.
Add the closed shell to the water and it will boil and open.
Chapter 1

Collect a pearl from inside.

Look back to the left area and tap to view the octopus statue on the right.
Add the pearl to the empty eye socket and the legs will open.
Chapter 1

Collect a 'biology' book.

You can now use the book on the box that is propping up the leg of the table. This lets you collect the Quaint wooden box. View it.
Chapter 1
Hint: tap pairs of tiles to swap them. Complete the shape
Solution: make a circleShow

Collect a Fuse.

Back to the kitchen and view the oven on the left.
Chapter 1

Open the oven and place the cookie mold inside and close it.
Then place the fuse in the slot at the top of the oven and turn it on.
Chapter 1

When it completes open it and collect the cookies 4.

Now tap to view the cupboard above the oven. This has a lock with 4 shapes.
Place the 4 cookies in the correct slots of the lock to open it.
Chapter 1

Collect a triangular wooden block.

Back to the dining area. Tap on the white fridge. This has a triangular lock
Use the wooden block to open it.
Chapter 1
Collect a key

At the center, back of the room is a locked door, use the key to open this and move through into the back room.
Chapter 1

Tap to remove the cloth from the mirror at the back, and again to get a small cut scene.
Tap to collect the record player from the step ladder to the left of the mirror.
Tap to view the apple on the box near the center. Then use the knife on them to open them.
Chapter 1
Collect some batteries.

Near the bottom is a box with a blue panel on top. View this to see a puzzle.
Chapter 1
This is a matching pairs puzzle. Find the pairs of cards until it is complete. Open the box and collect a remote control lacking battery.
Chapter 1Show
Combine this with the batteries to make a remote control.

Next, from the floor collect a black cloth. Go back out to the kitchen area and view the sink.
Use the cloth on the water to make it wet, then return to the back room.

View the mirror and use the wet cloth on it to clean is and reveal some numbers.
Chapter 1

Now tap to view the TV.
Use the remote control on the TV to turn it on.
Chapter 1
You can then use the 3 buttons on the control to select 3 digit channel numbers.
Solution: Set the channel to the 4 numbers on the mirror. Make a note of the 4 patterns you see on the screen.Show

Exit the room and then tap the cupboard below the fridge on the left.
This requires a 4 digit code
Solution: Using the 4 patterns seen on the TV, fold up the bottom half over the top half and use the red lines to form 4 numbers.
Chapter 1

Code: 2745Show

Collect a crowbar.

Go back into the back room. View the box to the left of the apples that has a small hole in the side.
Chapter 1

Use the crowbar on this to open it and collect insecticide.
Now exit the room again. Tap the bottom of the dresser unit to the right of the fridge to look underneath it. There is a bug.
Chapter 1

Use the insecticide on the bug sticking out and a cockroach will appear with a stylus. Collect the stylus.

Now view the record player in your inventory. Add to it the record and the stylus.
Strange sounds will play and you will have a conversation with the doctor.
Chapter 1

You can now go upstairs.
Chapter 1

Enter the room on the right.
Chapter 1
From the bed collect an Electric shock handle. Then tap the side table with the clock on it.
Note the time on the clock (the numbers are rotated) and also the symbol on the wall.
Chapter 1Show

Next tap to view the wardrobe behind the bed. This has a dial lock
Hint: Tap the 3 buttons to rotate the circles to match the clue found above.
Chapter 1

Open the wardrobe to collect a hammer (head)

To the left of the wardrobe is a shirt hanging. Tap this to view it and collect a golden pointer from the pocket.

Now tap to view the top drawer of the chest of drawers to the left.
Note the color clue on the paper on top. Collect this.
Chapter 1

There is a dial on the drawer.
Add the pointer to the dial to make a clock. Now tap the buttons to set the same time as the one seen above.
Time: 10:30Show

Collect a handle.
Combine the hammer (head) with the handle to get a hammer.

Exit the room back to the landing.
There is a section of wall next to the middle door that is cracked. View this
Chapter 1

Use the hammer on it to break it open and collect a magnet.

Enter the bedroom again and tap under the bed to view there.
Use the magnet under the bed to collect a key
Chapter 1

You can now back out to the landing and use the key to unlock the door on the left.
Enter this room and first tap the lamp to light up the room.
Chapter 1

Tap on the pillows of the bed and collect a wrench.
Then from the open drawers to the left of the bed collect an Electric shock head.
Combine this with the electric shock handle to make a Taser

View the fish bowl above the open drawer, there is a piranha in it. Use the taser on the water to stun the fish and you can then collect the necklace.
Chapter 1

View the picture on the wall to the right of the bed. Note the clue word written there: DEAL
Chapter 1
Now tap the table with the lamp and the model ship.
Chapter 1

Collect a New pencil from the top, then tap to view the 4 color lock in the drawer below.
Chapter 1
Hint: the lock required 4 letters, the 4 colors are the same as those on the paper clue you found but in a different order.
Solution: use the letter from the picture but change the order to match the lockShow
Code: LEADShow
Collect 'a disc'

Now view the stool in front of the table and use the wrench on the bolt on the side.
Chapter 1
Collect a glass cutter.

View the necklace in your inventory and use the glass cutter to remove the gem half.
Chapter 1

Now go back to the first bedroom (on the right) and tap to view a stool on the far left of the room. On top is a box.
Chapter 1
Add the 'Wafer to the box to open it and collect another half of a gem.
Combine the 2 halves to make a hexagonal gem.

Return to the second bedroom (on the left) and tap on the model boat.
Chapter 1

Add the gem to the hole on the side to open a panel and collect a key.

You can now use this key to open the middle door on the landing.

Enter the Office room.
Chapter 1

To continue the walkthrough please go to Chapter 1 - Part 2

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