Bus Simulator: Ultimate

Bus Simulator: Ultimate

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Review by GuestNov 8th 2020
It‘s a nice game but the other cars in the simulation suck at driving.
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Review by VBomb999Aug 5th 2020
Great game, soothing driving, great management game as well as relaxing diving experience. Issues with minor functionality in the game, but overall still a great game, development team constantly working on adding features, means the routes don't get nothing if you change them around, also hard to figure out game algorithms so makes it fun to try and learn the best way to play the game
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Review by GuestJun 23rd 2020
It is super game and added Indian route so please have Indian bus livery
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Review by GuestMay 15th 2020
Great simulation. Very accurate steering. Decent graphics.
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Review by GuestMay 11th 2020
Better. But u want to update manual gear box
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Review by GuestMar 30th 2020
It's a good game, but after sending my drivers to a job, they never come back, the clock is 00:00, it never changes.
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Review by GuestMar 16th 2020
Great game, but I have 3 main complaints.

1. I wish the GPS would alert me more than 20 feet from when I need to make a turn. A normal gps advises me at least a mile, a quarter mile, and then just before I make a turn or exit the freeway. I would love to see this implemented in the game so I don’t have to practically make my passengers spill coffee over their business dress right before work because I had to brake so hard. I still wonder why they give me 5 stars.

2. The camera view tends to snap to certain positions. I like this in the driver’s seat, but not in exterior views. I prefer to be able to smoothly look around the bus without the camera snapping to certain angles.

3. I sometimes lose drivers with no explanation as to why they disappeared. A driver would arrive after completing a route, and after I collect the profits, the driver is nowhere to be found.
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Review by GuestFeb 15th 2020
I love the game and It’s the most realistic out therefor sure but it could also be a lot better. Luckily they seem to do well taking suggestions
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Review by GuestOct 30th 2019
It's good game but need a lot of realistic features
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Review by GuestSep 4th 2019
Very addictive... GOOD graphics.. Controls.. Can improve the engine sound.. As we don't feel the power while accelerating the gas pedal
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Review by GuestSep 3rd 2019
Great game ...... could use a few tweaks tho
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