Bus Simulator: Ultimate

What's at the end of the route?

What's at the end of the route?
Bus Simulator: Ultimate Guide

What's at the end of the route?

Once you reach the end of your route, you'll be tasked to park the vehicle perfectly at the terminal. Similar to how you started off, you'll need to open the door and the luggage compartment so your guests can leave properly.

What's at the end of the route?

You will receive a route report that details the time you took to get to your destination, your income from your tickets, expenses for food, toll, fuel, as well as any penalties that you may have incur. You'll then have your net profit displayed at the bottom.

What's at the end of the route?

Your score will depend on your driving performance, as well as your customer's satisfaction. If you're able to get to your destination in a reasonable amount of time, and if you managed to keep your customers content, then you'll get a high score. Watching the given ad will let you have double the rewards.

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