Bus Simulator: Ultimate

How can I control the bus?

How can I control the bus?
Bus Simulator: Ultimate Guide

How can I control the bus?


On the lower left side of the screen, there are 2 buttons. The steering enables you to choose if you want to move left or right on the bus.

Side Mirror

Press this button if you want to check any incoming cards on your side. This is handy if you wish to make a lane change and prevent any possible accidents that can occur.

Shift Gear

The engine button will be near this as well. Once your bus is started, shift the gears to drive, park, or reverse.


You can control the speed of the bus through this button. If you’re on the highway and there’s not much cars ahead, you can increase the speed so you can get to your destination faster.


Pressing this button will start the gas of your bus, use it to move forward or backward depending on your current shift gear.


Pressing this button will stop your bus, use this to slow down as well or hold it if you want to stop fully.

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