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What tips do I need to know in order to expand my business?

What tips do I need to know in order to expand my business?
Bus Simulator: Ultimate Guide

In order to expand your business, you'll be spending some time in order to drive passengers from one terminal to another. The end result of that drive will provide you with your income once all expenses have been deducted.

You need to know how to manage what money you have currently, and focus which expenses you wish to avoid when starting. Here are some tips on how to start with your expansion.

When you first start your route, be aware of your customer's satisfaction

The first bus that you have has low levels of comfort, but it's enough to start with. Check your customer satisfaction by pressing the smiley button on the left side to see their comfort level and hunger.

Catering services provide food to make them full, while passing through restaurants provide another source as well. Always take note of the road and avoid accidents, since this will affect your customer's mood.

Avoid buying visual customization items when you start

Customizing your bus is indeed a fun thing to do, but you need to focus in getting some steady cash first. Paint jobs, wheel plates, and skins aren't necessary when you start out. However, having personalized features on your bus such as wi-fi and multi media will help for your passengers. You can customize your bus later once you have extra cash.

Upgrade your current office to provide the necessities

The default office space you have are two terminals. Both of these do not have any restrooms or cafes available. Use your gold coins that you have from the beginning to upgrade these necessities first.

Save up your cash to get a second bus

You start with two terminals in the game, therefore the route can only go from one city to the other, and vice versa. Once you have two vehicles, hire one driver as well. You can send one driver to a specific route, while you can drive the next bus manually to go to the opposite route. By the time you finish your drive, your driver should be finished as well.

Watch the ads available that provide bonuses

Once you have your route score when you drive, you can get x2 rewards if you watch an ad available. It shouldn't take that much time for you.

Claim your gifts

The gift button has limited amounts available per day when you watch their advertisements. These gifts however provide cash and coins that will help you with your business.

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