Bus Simulator: Ultimate

How do I pick up passengers?

How do I pick up passengers?
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In order to start driving, you need to choose a destination using the route button. You’ll have 2 terminals available, then you can add additional cities after once you’ve expanded your business. You choose your ticket price and services available, then start your route. You will always start at the bus terminal of the station that you’ve chosen to depart from.

How do I pick up passengers?

In order to get your passengers, you need to park the bus towards the green arrow and outline. Use the drive and reverse gears so you can align the bus properly.

How do I pick up passengers?

Once you’re there, use the door controls to open the door and luggage compartment. Once they’re all aboard, you can start your route. A checklist will appear if all passengers have boarded, and you can follow the navigation on the upper left side of your screen.

How do I pick up passengers?

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