Bus Simulator: Ultimate

What can I find in the Garage?

What can I find in the Garage?
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What can I find in the Garage?

This section lets you view the vehicles that you currently have, and you can view the vehicle gallery to purchase better buses as well. Once you have extra income, you can provide upgrades to your current vehicles, or purchase new ones in order for you to expand your business.

My Vehicles:

What can I find in the Garage?

You’ll have a list of your vehicles in this section. Each vehicle has detailed information that you can check such as the passenger capacity, level of comfort, and fuel consumption.

Upgrades: You can modify your vehicles with different skins, wheels, paint colors, and even personalize some features such as TV, Wifi, Led Screens, and a Private Plate.


What can I find in the Garage?

If you wish to purchase more buses, you will go to the gallery. There are 13 vehicles available with different brands. Each vehicle has different passenger capacities, comfort, fuel consumption, and price. The higher the price, the better stats it has.

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