Bus Simulator: Ultimate

What are the buttons around the control panel?
Bus Simulator: Ultimate Guide

What are the buttons around the control panel?

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Hazard Light

This will light up both rear red lights of your bus, similar to a real card. The light signals provide a realistic experience.

Left and Right Signal

These buttons will activate the blinkers on the left or right side of the bus, you can use this if you want if you’re changing lanes.


If you want to signal the car ahead of you, or just honk the horn, use this button.


This gauge will show you how much fuel is left for your bus. Make sure that you refill your fuel before it reaches empty. Gas stations will be available along the way.


This activates the head lights of the bus, use this if it’s night time and you’re having difficulties seeing the road ahead of you.


Depending on the capabilities of your bus, you can offer the multimedia services, climate control, or Catering. This will help keep your customers happy. Better upgrades for your bus will provide better services.
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Audio System

This provides announcements for the passengers, so you’ll let them know what you’ll be doing.
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Door Control

This opens the door of the bus, as well as the door to the luggage section.
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