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What stops can I expect along my route?
Bus Simulator: Ultimate Guide

What stops can I expect along my route?

Along your way, there can be different establishments and stops that you have to pass through or even visit. Be wary of your surroundings and always follow the Navigation system on the upper left of your screen.

Police check point

There will be instances along your Route where you’ll arrive at a police check point. Once you see one, you’ll be asked to stop and wait. Just follow the signals provided in the game before you continue.

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Toll Gate

Once you see a line of cars up ahead stopping at a gate, make sure to slow down and be ready to pay the toll. Toll prices will be automatically deducted from the Company account.

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Gas Station

If your Fuel gauge is low, make sure to stop by at a gas station to refill your fuel. This will be deducted from your Company's account. In order to go through, park your bus on the gas icon and stop there. Gas stations are marked with a blue icon on the Navigation system.

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If your customers are hungry, and you have ran out of Catering, you can stop by at a restaurant. They're marked with a red icon on the Navigation system. You need to park your bus in front of the restaurant, then you'll open the doors for your customers and wait for them. Once they're done eating, they'll head back inside the bus and you can continue your Route.

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