Bus Simulator: Ultimate

What's in the home screen?

What's in the home screen?
Bus Simulator: Ultimate Guide


Company Name and Driver

On the upper left side of the screen, you’ll find the logo that you’ve chosen, as well as your bus driver’s name.

What's in the home screen?


When you’re in the main page, you’ll have a view of your current bus. You should find an offer to the left side of the screen, if you purchase it with real money you get a new bus design, 100.0 K Money, and the removal of ads.

You can get free money as well by taking the offers on the right side. These can range from subscribing or following their different social media platforms, listening to some music, watching ads, etc. Offers may change every now and then as well.

What's in the home screen?


On the lower right side of the screen, you can adjust the settings for the following:

Sound FX
Language (Over 10 options)
Quality (Low, Medium, High, Ultra)
Driver’s Hands (Viewable or not)
Camera (Default view: Outer, Inner, Top, or Front)
Control (Buttons, Gyro, Steering Wheel)
GPS Voice (On or Off)
Vibration (On or Off)
Restore Purchases

What's in the home screen?


To the right side of the settings button is a world score section that lets you view your placement. The score can be viewed depending on a period of time, or for your overall score.

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