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What customizations can I add to my bus?
Bus Simulator: Ultimate Guide

What customizations can I add to my bus?

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If you check the "My Vehicles" section under the Garage button, you'll find a page where you can customize each of your Bus Vehicles. You need to unlock customization items using the income that you've earned in your business.


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Skins change the default appearance of your bus. You can change the exterior with different patterns and color combinations. There are different vehicle types as well, so there can be variations among the skin choices.


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Different kinds of wheel plates are available as well for your bus, they're not that drastic in terms of differences in design, however they will still give a personal touch for your bus.


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If you don't like the skin choices available, you can have your bus painted instead. There are a variety of colors to choose from, and they provide with a solid color in terms of appearance, this is good if you want simple colors only.


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Personalizing your bus will provide it with extra features such as Led Lights, Multimedia, Wi-Fi, and Custom Plates. Some of these can be activated in your Control Panel and they'll provide comfort for your passengers.

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