Battle Warship: Naval Empire

Why am I always Targeted in Battle Warship Naval Empire?

Why am I always Targeted in Battle Warship Naval Empire?
Battle Warship: Naval Empire Guide

Keep a low profile.

You are most probably targeted by other players for your resources. You might have been accustomed in other MMORTS titles that the bottleneck in progress is usually the resources. Well, this is nonetheless still true with Battle Warship Naval Empire. However, it is hoarding it in your base will have the worst repercussion in the game as well.

Why am I always Targeted in Battle Warship Naval Empire?
Being smart with how you earn resources is one thing, keeping them safe is another. In the game, as much you want to simply put together the numbers that would avail you progress, it is important to keep in mind that other players can easily plunder your Base to get them. Whenever other people scout your base, one of the defining reasons to push through with an attack is the number of resources that they will potentially gain. Basically, not only they increase their number of kills, but find people to fuel their attacks as well.

Keeping that in mind will enable you to set a simple countermeasure. You might want to keep yourself empty handed (of resources) most of the time. Not entirely broke, but being smart when to get one, and learning how to use them all at once when you actually get them (especially uranium). If you’re a Beginner, you wouldn't have any troubles with resources as the game would normally shower you with packaged resources to keep you steadily progressing up until you reach Base level 10-12.

In the game, performing an attack to other players is pretty costly. Higher level players tend to have better tiered troops and even a bigger number of them which would easily wipe your shipyard clean. Keep it low key with on-hand resources, and produce Tier 1 warships for gathering at least during your Beginner phase. This way, higher level players wouldn't even bother touching you as they would gain nothing from the attack.

Why am I always Targeted in Battle Warship Naval Empire?
As a protection too, build up your storehouse. It defines a threshold limit of protected resources. As you upgrade this facility, the number of resources free from being plundered gets higher. Try not to go above its limit so that you'd never lose anything significant while trying to survive the war-infested world.

Lastly, you can join a formidable alliance that will ultimately deter other player to pick a fight with you. In most instances, allies would work hard to keep every member benefiting from the group - aside from the boosted resource depots an alliance would have, members would also play together to meet a common goal or quest.

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